Saturday, August 21

Home is Where Your Destiny is

The sun still laid low behind the rising mountains. The thin, cold rain bathed his car as he sat in silence driving southward. The flat road vanished to a far away point straight in front of him, leveled with his eyes. In his mind's eye the memories were vivid and fresh, and the time that had passed since he'd last been home seemed to be less than it really had. After his many travels, the traveler was anxious to be back, and curious to see his dear family again. The stores he'd heard over the years told him of little change, and the traveler wondered what he'd find. Through the many layers of uncertainty, insecurity, and the fear of disappointing his family, deep inside, the traveler was glad to be coming home.

As he entered the small town of Kibou, Tabi, as he was known as a child, noticed how much things had remain the same. There were new additions to the town, of course, such as the two-story Walmart that could be seen from the distance, a new IMax theater was built to entertain the mind, high buildings sophisticated the market place, an international airport facilitated transportation, and the few middle schools, high schools, and the community college had been rebuilt in order to accomodate the eager seekers of knowledge. As Tabi looked around him, it was clear that Kibou had merely kept up with times.

The street where his parents lived had seen busy days before. Weekend gatherings were common place back in the day. Today was no exception. Pound after pound of fresh-cut meat was leveled against the grill, the children ran around the Haytae backyard, the women sat around wearing their sun dress talking about the latest topics that went around town, while the men spoke of recent sporting outcomes, business events, and other such subjects.

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