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Inspiring Stories | The Toughest Step to Take is the Last Step to be Taken

Motivational Short Stories by Rodrigo Silveira

Inspiring Stories

I really like the above video. From the title of it you might think it's a "funny" video. It isn't. Well, maybe it is, what can I say. The point is that there is a priceless lesson to learn from this gentleman's distraction. Today's Motivational Short Stories by Rodrigo Silveira we'll talk about ways to start and finish strong. I believe of all things in life, this is one of the great secrets of success.

It's not over until it's over

Sometimes we get to a point where we think we're doing pretty good. This sometimes happens at work, at play, at life, at school, or at whatever else matters. This is a good thing. A lot of times we can see great results, too, which only inspires us to stay motivated and do even more of what we're currently doing. The danger lies when we stop seeing people following after us. When we get to the point where we think we're doing so good that nobody can stop us. Then we stop working as hard, we no longer pay attention to the important details that brought us to that point. This is the beginning of our painful downfall.

When we get to the last stretch of anything worthwhile, the arduous work that took us to that point usually leaves us tired, gasping for air, and looking for the next resting area. When running the race of life and your legs are about to give out, your lungs are in the verge of implosion, and you can hardly think straight, why not keep going for just a little longer? Once the finish line has been crossed and your triumph secured, what else should matter?

Focus on what's most important

A great soccer player of the past, who happens to be a great source of inspiration to me, once said that, "you don't have to always be important, only when it's necessary." Not everything we do is important. Different things have different levels of importance. The goal of a champion is to discern what is important and what is not, and what is a greater priority over what needs to be done at the moment. The trick is to take a step back and see the few things that, if done well, would really make a significant difference. Some people call this the 80/20 rule. There are basic things we do that only make up some 20% of the overall process, but those tasks that amount to 20% of the work done contribute to 80% of the results.

Usually the first 5%, the 15% in the middle, and the last 5% of an operation make up the key areas of importance. If you focus on getting started well, then staying motivated and keeping the energy levels high, then giving it your all on the last 5% of a task, that usually makes a very profound difference.

Start with the end in mind

A famous motivational speaker once asked the question: When should you start building a house? His answer: As soon as it's finished. This is wise counsel. I know people that give up half way through something, while others call it quits before they even get started. There are always reasons, of course - the negative relatives, the up-hill journey that seems too challenging, the obstacles are too much to handle, etc. You've all seen that before.

If you are able to paint a colorful picture of your desired goal, then you have a decent foundation to get started, and a source of inspiration to remind you of what is important to you.

In summary, as you start your next project or as you continue an existing one, remember to:

  • Start with the end in mind
  • Focus on what's most important - and don't get distracted by things not important
  • It's not over until it's over - even when the odds are against you

Rodrigo Silveira

Motivation Short Stories by Rodrigo Silveira: Who is Rodrigo Silveira?

Rodrigo Silveira started Motivational Short Stories in 2007. His short stories are told with the purpose of providing inspiration, motivation, and uplifting those who can affored to get inspired and motivated. Rodrigo started out on his own, and through the help of some key people, Rodrigo has been able to acheive great success. He now dedicates his time sharing his motivation through short motivational stories so others may find success in their lives as Rodrigo has been successful in his.

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  1. I just read you last three posts, and those are great thoughts. Sometimes you just need to hang tight and just keep on going, fighting for the things you want. You may or may not achieve the objective you initially set you, but you're sure to learn some good lessons and either set new and better objectives or be better equipped to achieve them. Never, never, never give up, some British dude once said (Churchill, or something like that?:) ).