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Short Motivational Stories by Rodrigo Silveira : Now on Twitter

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Here's a true Motivational Short Story for all of you living both in the 21st century and on a budget. I realize that a lot of people are now carrying very nice phones these days, but there are a lot of people confused about who's map is better - Verizon or AT&T. A lot of us don't know what our phone can do, what it should do, and how much we're being charged for holding the phone to our ear a few times a day. With that, I thought it would be nice to offer you fine people a free service that is indeed useful.

Behold, Twitter! Most of you have probably heard of it, but I'm not sure that a lot of us care about it that much. Twitter is the 12th most visited site in the internet today. The main thing about it is that people can post whatever they wish as long as their post has no more than 140 characters. While a lot of people constantly say what they do ("just got done brushing my teeth", "ordering a double quarter pounder at 12th south state street with my friends", etc), and others spam the service with pointless advertising ("visit the best site in the web: www.(...).com"), Twitter can be used for good. It actually can be a great resource for anyone looking for a handy short motivational story. Here's why and how:

1) You can access Twitter from your phone - not having to have a $30+/month for mobile internet service. You can access people's Tweets through your regular unlimited text messaging service.

2) You can post your own Tweets right from your phone.

The text messaging commands for Twitter are as follows (remember, these commands are especially designed for Tweets from Motivational Short Stories by Rodrigo Silveira):

(These commands are entered as the content of your text messages, sent to the phone number 40404)

ON motivationstory - This command turns on notifications from the user MotivationStory (Rodrigo Silveira).

FOLLOW motivationstory - This command registers you as a follower of Rodrigo Silveira.

GET motivationstory - Get the latest update from Rodrigo Silveira

@motivationstory + message - This sends a message to Rodrigo Silveira and saves it in his replies tab. Remember, the message must be less than 140 characters in length.

Motivational Short Stories by Rodrigo Silveira - on your phone, anywhere, any time

Now you can register an account with Twitter and receive our updates daily, straight on your phone. Get daily tips for success, short motivation stories, inspiration quotes, motivational short stories, and much more.

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