Tuesday, February 2

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by Rodrigo Silveira

Today was a good day to start the week. I'm excited for this week because of what happened today. If you could use some motivation, here's a good motivational short story told by Rodrigo Silveira...

Motivational Short Story - Pain Helps to Heal

My good co-worker left the office last Thursday with a big smiling silly. He was going to spend that night by himself playing video games, then the next morning he'd be flying down to San Diego where he was to be married a few hours later. Today I sent him a text message to see how he was doing. He replied positively.

To contrast, I have another good friend that I met through work who is in a similar situation. He, as recently as when the sun last rose, is engaged to a girl he's known for some time, but not quite 300 days, I don't think. I'm not sure what the deal is in that relationship, but they seem to always be walking on thin, slippery ground. Plus the ground they walk on looks cracked and built on a layer of sand or something.

If there's a lesson I can draw from the experience of my second friend, here's the message I'd deliver for this week's motivational short stories:

Allow yourself to cry

Before letting all emotions drive you toward the dark, dangerous road of a terrible decision, I would recommend you to take a step back, find a comfortable place and allow yourself to cry. Let all those emotions out. Forget about the chaos around you, and just let it all out. Be loud if you must. Then lay your wet head down and close your eyes. Let the darkness of the night calmly surround you as you embrace the sorrows of the soul.

Awake and Arise

Next thing you do is get up the next day and bring yourself together. Whether you're the man or the woman, you must be strong. You must be your strongest support system. Nobody should motivate you more than yourself. This is the key to the happy ending of your story. Forget the waters below, and focus on building a bridge on which to cross the raging waters. Now that you're more calm and rested, focus on that day's worries. Take some time to think clearly and decide what you need to do. Seriously and thoroughly analyze the situation, and weight the proposition. It's best rip the bandaid all at once, if that's the conclusion of your studies of your wound. Be strong, be motivated to stay strong, and keep your head up.

Write your Lessons Down

Now the only two things you will have left are a stronger character, and a lesson to guide you through until next time. The best thing to do is keep this lesson (the abstract concept) alive. Some people find that expressing the lesson through creativity helps them understand it further, express it more clearly, and remember it in the future. This is how a lot of the inspiring music, moving poetry, memorable movies, and the greatest motivational short stories are generated.

Remember, birds do sing after the storm. A broken heart will heal, but a reckless decision to stay in a bad situation will kill. Sometimes it doesn't rain on a lot of people, but the sun does shine on us all. Every problem usually has a pretty simple solution, but sometimes we lack the brains to find it, and the back to go through with it.

Ask not for less problems, but ask for more wisdom. Don't wish it were easier, wish you were better.

Rodrigo Silveira

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  1. Obrigado, Rodrigo...

  2. Wow! You had two comments in here that really hit home for me today: "Nobody should motivate you more than yourself," and, "Don't wish it were easier, wish you were better." I think I have to cross stitch those onto a pillow or something. ;-D Actually, I probably will print them out and hang them next to my treadmill. You really are deep Rigo. Keep it up!

  3. "Allow yourself to cry" Did you follow your own advice?