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Motivation at Work | Staying Motivated about your Job | Motivate yourself today!

Secret of Success:

Motivation at Work

by Rodrigo Silveira

This 3 part series will cover ways to find motivation at work. As I notice my own co-workers get more frustrated each day in the office, I can’t help but notice the one key factor they all share: staying motivated at work.

By definition, the word motivation refers to a state of being, an act or a process. So staying motivated is something that requires work and conscious attention. Much like working to maintain a healthy body, there are things you must understand and do to motivate yourself and sustain the attitude. Below are three tips that to staying motivated at work.

Motivation at Work | Tip# 1

Be passionate about your job

This is one of the great secrets of success and finding motivation at work. A common answer that millionaires give as to the key reason to their success is that they make a profession out of their passion. When you are in love with your job it’s much easier to find motivation to work and stay motivated.

Motivation at Work | Tip# 2

Set goals to improve your performance

Visualize yourself a year from now. What is different about your job? Are you still doing the same thing, the same way? What if you could be earning twice as much as you do today? If you set a goal to achieve something in your career, then find ways to accomplish that, how can you lose your motivation as your work every day?

Motivation at Work | Tip# 3

Take some time off

When you’re at work be sure to work. When you go play be sure to play. But never work while you play, and under no circumstances play at work. However, one of the fastest ways to motivation at work is to take the time to get away from work. When you do, leave your work in the office. Take your mind completely out of your career and enjoy some quality time with your loved ones doing things together that makes you happy. Then when you get back to the office focus on your important tasks and be your best motivator. Diversifying your activities will keep you motivated and looking forward to your next break with your family.

Rodrigo Silveira

Motivation at Work

Motivation at work: The key to faster, more frequent promotions is motivation at work. Don't wait until a co-worker motivates you, be proactive in motivating yourself at work.

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