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Motivational Stories | A Heart of Peace

Heart of PeaceA Heart of Peace
by Rodrigo Silveira

Today's Motivational Short Story by Rodrigo Silveira is a true story I heard from a good friend of mine. The person that shared this experience with me is a very successful business man from Utah. The subject of this motivational story is his partner, whose name is Alvin Sorano from El Salvador.

Back in the 60s, somewhere in El Salvador, Alvin's father (whose name I do not know, but will refer to from this point on as Richard) was a body guard to the President of El Salvador. One day, however, Mr. Sorano father was involved in some sort of accident and broke his back. Due to the circumstance, the President decided to release Richard of his duties. Sadly, the President also decided that Richard knew too much information. For this reason he demanded that Richard be killed.

As the President's servants made their way to Alvin's home in order to get rid of his father, Richard was tipped off about the situation. He then put Alvin (who was 10 years old at the time) and his little sister (age 11) atop a horse and told them to hide at a certain place and return in two weeks, by which time a plan would be put in place to move the two of them to the United States. Shortly thereafter Richard was captured and shot nine times before he was left for dead.

Miraculously, someone found Richard's body and rushed him to the nearest hospital as he struggled for his live. As the President received news that Richard was still breathing, he sent out his servants to the hospital and ordered them to stay there until Richard was dead. Not long afterwards the line went flat, and Richard departed this world.

Two weeks later, Alvin and his sister returned home, and as arranged, were moved to the States. Their mother had been moved earlier, and soon the three of them were together in Southern California. Alvin and his family was also joined by two of his older brothers.

At the age of 16, on a nice spring day, Alvin decided for the first time to skip class and come home in the middle of the day. As he sat on his living room at 12:00 p.m. that day, a couple of Christian missionaries knocked on his door wanting to share the Good Word with Alvin. He asked that the missionaries come back that evening, so Alvin, his mother, and the rest of the family could hear the message. The missionaries came back as agreed, and soon after Alvin and his mother were converted to this new religion. Alvin says joining this new faith was the day his live turned around for the better.

Seven months after his baptism, as Alvin was now 17 years old, his two older brothers came to him with automatic guns and a message for him. They said that the man living just a few blocks up the street was the man that had coldly murdered their father all those years ago, and they should now to take his life in revenge. A good detail to be added to the plot at this point is that when Alvin was just a little kid and Richard was still working for the government, for whatever reason, Richard gathered the family together one evening and made the announcement that all major decisions were to go through Alvin. His word would be the final saying on any specific matter. So this was the reason the two older brothers came to 17 year old Alvin before shooting the man who'd taken their father about a decade before.

Alvin told his brothers to stay put. He walked to the man's house on his own, no guns in hand. The door received three brief knocks. The man answered and was greeted by Alvin. They shook hands. Alvin introduced himself and let the man know he was the son of the Richard Sorano, the former bodyguard to the President, whom he had killed. Alvin then said the following words:

I forgive you. My family and I hold no bad feelings towards you. I forgive you.

He then turned around and left the house.

Walking up to his brothers (who were 21 and 25 years of age) and say:

It's over. We kill him and this will go on from generation to generation. The hatred must stop here. We must break the cycle.

The brothers were obedient to Alvin's instructions.

Several years went by and one day Alvin discovered a surprising truth. The man whom he had forgiven, the man who had murdered his father, he was also a government agent back in the 1960s. When the President had ordered him to kill Richard, this man actually refused to do so. He told the President he was no murderer and that he could not do this. The President then firmly told this gentleman that if he would not kill Richard, then he would have him killed for not following his orders. Not only that, the President told this man that he would also kill the man's wife, all his sons, all his daughters, and then all his relatives. What a situation! What would you do?

The man, in an attempt to save his family, went through and shot Richard as commanded by the evil President. Since that day, he exiled himself to the United States, living in hell for the thing he had done. His live had been so miserable ever since. Then one day he was visited at home by non other than the teenage son of the very person he'd murdered. This was the day Alvin told him he was forgiven. WOW! How do you think Alvin's words made this man feel?

Alvin had a heart of peace.

Rodrigo Silveira

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  1. Great story, especially given the fact that it actually happened. People often don't know the full effect of their actions, just as alvin did not know how much his forgiveness would mean to that man. Yet another reason we should always seek to spread forgiveness, love, goodwill, etc., as opposed to hatred.