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Motivation at Work | Staying Motivated about your Job | Motivate yourself today!

Secret of Success:

Motivation at Work

by Rodrigo Silveira

This 3 part series will cover ways to find motivation at work. As I notice my own co-workers get more frustrated each day in the office, I can’t help but notice the one key factor they all share: staying motivated at work.

By definition, the word motivation refers to a state of being, an act or a process. So staying motivated is something that requires work and conscious attention. Much like working to maintain a healthy body, there are things you must understand and do to motivate yourself and sustain the attitude. Below are three tips that to staying motivated at work.

Motivation at Work | Tip# 1

Be passionate about your job

This is one of the great secrets of success and finding motivation at work. A common answer that millionaires give as to the key reason to their success is that they make a profession out of their passion. When you are in love with your job it’s much easier to find motivation to work and stay motivated.

Motivation at Work | Tip# 2

Set goals to improve your performance

Visualize yourself a year from now. What is different about your job? Are you still doing the same thing, the same way? What if you could be earning twice as much as you do today? If you set a goal to achieve something in your career, then find ways to accomplish that, how can you lose your motivation as your work every day?

Motivation at Work | Tip# 3

Take some time off

When you’re at work be sure to work. When you go play be sure to play. But never work while you play, and under no circumstances play at work. However, one of the fastest ways to motivation at work is to take the time to get away from work. When you do, leave your work in the office. Take your mind completely out of your career and enjoy some quality time with your loved ones doing things together that makes you happy. Then when you get back to the office focus on your important tasks and be your best motivator. Diversifying your activities will keep you motivated and looking forward to your next break with your family.

Rodrigo Silveira

Motivation at Work

Motivation at work: The key to faster, more frequent promotions is motivation at work. Don't wait until a co-worker motivates you, be proactive in motivating yourself at work.

Sunday, February 14

Motivational Stories | A Heart of Peace

Heart of PeaceA Heart of Peace
by Rodrigo Silveira

Today's Motivational Short Story by Rodrigo Silveira is a true story I heard from a good friend of mine. The person that shared this experience with me is a very successful business man from Utah. The subject of this motivational story is his partner, whose name is Alvin Sorano from El Salvador.

Back in the 60s, somewhere in El Salvador, Alvin's father (whose name I do not know, but will refer to from this point on as Richard) was a body guard to the President of El Salvador. One day, however, Mr. Sorano father was involved in some sort of accident and broke his back. Due to the circumstance, the President decided to release Richard of his duties. Sadly, the President also decided that Richard knew too much information. For this reason he demanded that Richard be killed.

As the President's servants made their way to Alvin's home in order to get rid of his father, Richard was tipped off about the situation. He then put Alvin (who was 10 years old at the time) and his little sister (age 11) atop a horse and told them to hide at a certain place and return in two weeks, by which time a plan would be put in place to move the two of them to the United States. Shortly thereafter Richard was captured and shot nine times before he was left for dead.

Miraculously, someone found Richard's body and rushed him to the nearest hospital as he struggled for his live. As the President received news that Richard was still breathing, he sent out his servants to the hospital and ordered them to stay there until Richard was dead. Not long afterwards the line went flat, and Richard departed this world.

Two weeks later, Alvin and his sister returned home, and as arranged, were moved to the States. Their mother had been moved earlier, and soon the three of them were together in Southern California. Alvin and his family was also joined by two of his older brothers.

At the age of 16, on a nice spring day, Alvin decided for the first time to skip class and come home in the middle of the day. As he sat on his living room at 12:00 p.m. that day, a couple of Christian missionaries knocked on his door wanting to share the Good Word with Alvin. He asked that the missionaries come back that evening, so Alvin, his mother, and the rest of the family could hear the message. The missionaries came back as agreed, and soon after Alvin and his mother were converted to this new religion. Alvin says joining this new faith was the day his live turned around for the better.

Seven months after his baptism, as Alvin was now 17 years old, his two older brothers came to him with automatic guns and a message for him. They said that the man living just a few blocks up the street was the man that had coldly murdered their father all those years ago, and they should now to take his life in revenge. A good detail to be added to the plot at this point is that when Alvin was just a little kid and Richard was still working for the government, for whatever reason, Richard gathered the family together one evening and made the announcement that all major decisions were to go through Alvin. His word would be the final saying on any specific matter. So this was the reason the two older brothers came to 17 year old Alvin before shooting the man who'd taken their father about a decade before.

Alvin told his brothers to stay put. He walked to the man's house on his own, no guns in hand. The door received three brief knocks. The man answered and was greeted by Alvin. They shook hands. Alvin introduced himself and let the man know he was the son of the Richard Sorano, the former bodyguard to the President, whom he had killed. Alvin then said the following words:

I forgive you. My family and I hold no bad feelings towards you. I forgive you.

He then turned around and left the house.

Walking up to his brothers (who were 21 and 25 years of age) and say:

It's over. We kill him and this will go on from generation to generation. The hatred must stop here. We must break the cycle.

The brothers were obedient to Alvin's instructions.

Several years went by and one day Alvin discovered a surprising truth. The man whom he had forgiven, the man who had murdered his father, he was also a government agent back in the 1960s. When the President had ordered him to kill Richard, this man actually refused to do so. He told the President he was no murderer and that he could not do this. The President then firmly told this gentleman that if he would not kill Richard, then he would have him killed for not following his orders. Not only that, the President told this man that he would also kill the man's wife, all his sons, all his daughters, and then all his relatives. What a situation! What would you do?

The man, in an attempt to save his family, went through and shot Richard as commanded by the evil President. Since that day, he exiled himself to the United States, living in hell for the thing he had done. His live had been so miserable ever since. Then one day he was visited at home by non other than the teenage son of the very person he'd murdered. This was the day Alvin told him he was forgiven. WOW! How do you think Alvin's words made this man feel?

Alvin had a heart of peace.

Rodrigo Silveira

Motivational Short Stories by Rodrigo Silveira is dedicated to motivate, inspire, educate, uplift, and convince people that self-motivation, self-development, and inspiration through stories is the key to success. The motivational short stories found here are written by Rodrigo Silveira unless otherwise indicated. Rodrigo Silveira has been inspiring and motivating people through story telling since 2007. Follow Rodrigo Silveira on Twitter and receive motivational short stories updates on your phone.

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Inspiring Stories | The Toughest Step to Take is the Last Step to be Taken

Motivational Short Stories by Rodrigo Silveira

Inspiring Stories

I really like the above video. From the title of it you might think it's a "funny" video. It isn't. Well, maybe it is, what can I say. The point is that there is a priceless lesson to learn from this gentleman's distraction. Today's Motivational Short Stories by Rodrigo Silveira we'll talk about ways to start and finish strong. I believe of all things in life, this is one of the great secrets of success.

It's not over until it's over

Sometimes we get to a point where we think we're doing pretty good. This sometimes happens at work, at play, at life, at school, or at whatever else matters. This is a good thing. A lot of times we can see great results, too, which only inspires us to stay motivated and do even more of what we're currently doing. The danger lies when we stop seeing people following after us. When we get to the point where we think we're doing so good that nobody can stop us. Then we stop working as hard, we no longer pay attention to the important details that brought us to that point. This is the beginning of our painful downfall.

When we get to the last stretch of anything worthwhile, the arduous work that took us to that point usually leaves us tired, gasping for air, and looking for the next resting area. When running the race of life and your legs are about to give out, your lungs are in the verge of implosion, and you can hardly think straight, why not keep going for just a little longer? Once the finish line has been crossed and your triumph secured, what else should matter?

Focus on what's most important

A great soccer player of the past, who happens to be a great source of inspiration to me, once said that, "you don't have to always be important, only when it's necessary." Not everything we do is important. Different things have different levels of importance. The goal of a champion is to discern what is important and what is not, and what is a greater priority over what needs to be done at the moment. The trick is to take a step back and see the few things that, if done well, would really make a significant difference. Some people call this the 80/20 rule. There are basic things we do that only make up some 20% of the overall process, but those tasks that amount to 20% of the work done contribute to 80% of the results.

Usually the first 5%, the 15% in the middle, and the last 5% of an operation make up the key areas of importance. If you focus on getting started well, then staying motivated and keeping the energy levels high, then giving it your all on the last 5% of a task, that usually makes a very profound difference.

Start with the end in mind

A famous motivational speaker once asked the question: When should you start building a house? His answer: As soon as it's finished. This is wise counsel. I know people that give up half way through something, while others call it quits before they even get started. There are always reasons, of course - the negative relatives, the up-hill journey that seems too challenging, the obstacles are too much to handle, etc. You've all seen that before.

If you are able to paint a colorful picture of your desired goal, then you have a decent foundation to get started, and a source of inspiration to remind you of what is important to you.

In summary, as you start your next project or as you continue an existing one, remember to:

  • Start with the end in mind
  • Focus on what's most important - and don't get distracted by things not important
  • It's not over until it's over - even when the odds are against you

Rodrigo Silveira

Motivation Short Stories by Rodrigo Silveira: Who is Rodrigo Silveira?

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Short Motivational Stories by Rodrigo Silveira : Now on Twitter

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Here's a true Motivational Short Story for all of you living both in the 21st century and on a budget. I realize that a lot of people are now carrying very nice phones these days, but there are a lot of people confused about who's map is better - Verizon or AT&T. A lot of us don't know what our phone can do, what it should do, and how much we're being charged for holding the phone to our ear a few times a day. With that, I thought it would be nice to offer you fine people a free service that is indeed useful.

Behold, Twitter! Most of you have probably heard of it, but I'm not sure that a lot of us care about it that much. Twitter is the 12th most visited site in the internet today. The main thing about it is that people can post whatever they wish as long as their post has no more than 140 characters. While a lot of people constantly say what they do ("just got done brushing my teeth", "ordering a double quarter pounder at 12th south state street with my friends", etc), and others spam the service with pointless advertising ("visit the best site in the web: www.(...).com"), Twitter can be used for good. It actually can be a great resource for anyone looking for a handy short motivational story. Here's why and how:

1) You can access Twitter from your phone - not having to have a $30+/month for mobile internet service. You can access people's Tweets through your regular unlimited text messaging service.

2) You can post your own Tweets right from your phone.

The text messaging commands for Twitter are as follows (remember, these commands are especially designed for Tweets from Motivational Short Stories by Rodrigo Silveira):

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Motivational Short Stories by Rodrigo Silveira - on your phone, anywhere, any time

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Motivation Stories | Daily Inspirational quotes

Inspiring Stories

Stories to inspire, motivate, and uplift

by Rodrigo Silveira

Today was a good day to start the week. I'm excited for this week because of what happened today. If you could use some motivation, here's a good motivational short story told by Rodrigo Silveira...

Motivational Short Story - Pain Helps to Heal

My good co-worker left the office last Thursday with a big smiling silly. He was going to spend that night by himself playing video games, then the next morning he'd be flying down to San Diego where he was to be married a few hours later. Today I sent him a text message to see how he was doing. He replied positively.

To contrast, I have another good friend that I met through work who is in a similar situation. He, as recently as when the sun last rose, is engaged to a girl he's known for some time, but not quite 300 days, I don't think. I'm not sure what the deal is in that relationship, but they seem to always be walking on thin, slippery ground. Plus the ground they walk on looks cracked and built on a layer of sand or something.

If there's a lesson I can draw from the experience of my second friend, here's the message I'd deliver for this week's motivational short stories:

Allow yourself to cry

Before letting all emotions drive you toward the dark, dangerous road of a terrible decision, I would recommend you to take a step back, find a comfortable place and allow yourself to cry. Let all those emotions out. Forget about the chaos around you, and just let it all out. Be loud if you must. Then lay your wet head down and close your eyes. Let the darkness of the night calmly surround you as you embrace the sorrows of the soul.

Awake and Arise

Next thing you do is get up the next day and bring yourself together. Whether you're the man or the woman, you must be strong. You must be your strongest support system. Nobody should motivate you more than yourself. This is the key to the happy ending of your story. Forget the waters below, and focus on building a bridge on which to cross the raging waters. Now that you're more calm and rested, focus on that day's worries. Take some time to think clearly and decide what you need to do. Seriously and thoroughly analyze the situation, and weight the proposition. It's best rip the bandaid all at once, if that's the conclusion of your studies of your wound. Be strong, be motivated to stay strong, and keep your head up.

Write your Lessons Down

Now the only two things you will have left are a stronger character, and a lesson to guide you through until next time. The best thing to do is keep this lesson (the abstract concept) alive. Some people find that expressing the lesson through creativity helps them understand it further, express it more clearly, and remember it in the future. This is how a lot of the inspiring music, moving poetry, memorable movies, and the greatest motivational short stories are generated.

Remember, birds do sing after the storm. A broken heart will heal, but a reckless decision to stay in a bad situation will kill. Sometimes it doesn't rain on a lot of people, but the sun does shine on us all. Every problem usually has a pretty simple solution, but sometimes we lack the brains to find it, and the back to go through with it.

Ask not for less problems, but ask for more wisdom. Don't wish it were easier, wish you were better.

Rodrigo Silveira

For more Motivational Short Stories, Inspiring Stories, motivational quotes, motivational lines, or my favorite motivational short story, check back often. You can read more motivational short stories on my blog. Check out our archived Motivational Short Stories section. Thanks, Rodrigo Silveira!