Wednesday, November 25

Rolled up layers of self

It is estimated that 98% of all websites never get visited. That's not bad, seeing that once you find out how to get frequent new visits to your site, you only have 2% of all websites to compete against for all of our clicks. Now, seeing as I've been working for the last several months for one of the top Search Engine Optimization companies in the world, I thought I'd use what I've been learning there and expand my bi-annual fiffy-gee cashflow.

Lately I've been looking for supplier for different products I'd like to market online and sell lots and lots of through my super SEO skills. While my preparations continue to roll forth, I thought I'd take some time and toss my two coins in the direction of my wife's bucket and help her generate her visitor flow so more people can read about her journey toward success.

One of the most powerful forces that I know of is the way an idea can inspire a person to move to action. Today there was such an idea going through Luci's head and she decided to write a blog to document her latest goal - to get in better physical shape. When something like this happens there's not much you can do to avoid being put in the middle of the floor and dancing.

As I laid in bed next to her this evening reading the news from her Blackberry, she suddenly pulled by the arm and told me we were going to the gym. Next thing I know I was spotting her as she bench pressed half her body weight. This was the first time she ever touched a barbell, and she was pushing maximum weight from the beginning... We literally had to cut our run short because the gym was closing and the lights were being turned off on us. We came home, took some before pictures, fried some omelets, and sat down as we toasted our protein shakes to her new endeavor. This is when I noticed myself sitting down toplessly with 50% of my belly folded over itself. I had to double check the picture she had just taken of me to make sure I really was this out of shape. Not bad, though, because at least now I know where my missing money has gone. And there I was thinking Taco Bell had stolen my wallet...

Now, to summarize today's events, stop searching for the link to the best blog in the internet! I'll tell you where that is and why:

Why - click, read, and learn


  1. Look what a good husband! Good luck to you both.

  2. "When something like this happens there's not much you can do to avoid being put in the middle of the floor and dancing."