Saturday, May 9

If you try long enough you can't fail - every last time

Daily Inspirational Stories

by Rodrigo Silveira

I once heard  a very wise manb talk about what he called the law of averages. He said that once you do something long enough you'll start seeing ratios. Then with that, say for instance, that if you do something ten times you succeed once, then if you want to succeed three times all you'd have to do is try thirty times. Well, this last week I saw two powerful examples of that and that's what I'd like to bloggify about.

First, I'm writing this as a result of several requests from my die-hard readers. So lesson number one today is this: if you ask somebody to do something enough times, you'll eventually get it. Nice job, people!

Lesson two is this: Two weeks ago I determined to get a job. I wasn't particularly planning on it, but my wife, who was working 42 to 108 hours a week, cleaning the house, cooking, and driving me around (she even gave me 4 sponge baths in the course of the month we've been married, but I don't like taking baths or showering either, so she stopped), she eventually got sick of having me walking around on my super-man boxers and sleeping half the time and playing Silent Hill 2 the other half. So yeah, don't let women tell you what to do and boss you around. You should follow your dreams and enjoy your freedom!

Anyways, with that, I then applied for nearly 23 jobs in two fields I was confident to be successful in. From those applications I was invited to some 8 interviews. Three of them were with huge companies in the financial world, 4 were in other types of sales. The last one I was scheduled to interview with was iMergent Inc. down in Orem. All my interviews up to that one averaged 45 minutes. The first one I had was with Modern Woodmen, which took just under two hours. Anyways, my interview with iMergent was only some half-hour or so, during which time I spoke most of the time. I thought things were going fine. At the very end, after answering some 15 or 16 questions, we had a dialogue that went something like this:

"Mr. Silveira, you sound like a nice guy. However, most people come here and interview and talk really smooth. Then they get the position and work really hard and professional - for a week or so, then they go back to their normal self and slack off and do nothing...

"What can you tell me about yourself to show me you're not like that?"

"Well... [eye-ball-to-eye-ball, followed by a brief mysterious silence] Mr. Buttler, I'd like to answer this question with a letter from my last boss. I think her perspective of my work ethics, based on her experience and observation, is more valuable than anything I could tell you."



Dome! I got the job my friends! I think I can attribute my success up to now to three things that I believe summarize our opportunities:

1. If you apply to enough jobs you'll get some interviews, and if you interview enough times you will get some offers.

2. Though I have yet to take a real class on computer programming, I have dedicated easily over 1000 hours of my life to searching knowledge on the subject. Just last week alone I read 4 books on the subject of CSS programming.

3. I took advantage of past opportunities I have had so new ones (and even greater ones) have been made manifest before me. Thank you, Louise!

So to conclude, everyone should go to my new website:


  1. Hey! Parabens cara! :) Voce eh bom mesmo hehehe

    E essa parte das estatisticas eh a mais completa verdade. Fazer o que... A gente comeca a perceber que tem maneiras e maneiras de fazer as coias acontecer.

    Entao, agora que tu tah rico nao vai esquecer dos amigos! hehehe Teh mais

  2. Hey congrats!!! proud of ya