Friday, February 27

The Never Ending Story Movie | It Ends Tonight

Everyday Short Stories

by Rodrigo Silveira

Wow, talk about weird...
Last December, for Christmas, I got a very thoughtful gift from my brother. Somehow he managed to find a special edition of a DVD from a show I used to watch back in the late 1980s. This movie, to those of you not from that era, is the classic The Never Ending Story.

Anyhow, tonight for the first time since I got the movie, I decided to watch it with my young little princess as we sat on our new couch. I had some good flashbacks from back in the day, Luci thought the movie was cool, and I enjoyed a couple of shots of Jolt.

Here's what's weird about it... a few nights ago, as I was researching something, I came across a completely random Masonic documentary that I didn't care to watch. Except that being so curious (by that I probably mean bored), I clicked the video and clicked the timeline somewhere in the middle because I didn't feel like watching the whole thing. The one part this Masonic video stoped at was where they were talking about the pillars from Salomon's temple that are very meaningful to the Masons (Boaz and Jachin, 1 Kings 7:21). Well, they were showing examples of Masonic influence in the media, and for some reason known only to the Cosmics, they showed a clip from... The Never Ending Story where they symbolically show the two pillars and their meaning. Up until I shaw that 30 second cilp, I had forgotten I own the movie.

So as I watched it tonight with Luci, I remembered the Masonic documentary... But then... after I got home, I decided to check my internet life really quick and make sure everything was still spinning... I responded to some emails and things like that..., then I checked my RSS updates... and here's what I got from my Movies News channel:

As we were watching the movie, Luci told me it'd be really cool if they remade the movie... Then lo-and-behold, they are remaking the doggone movie... Maybe this is another sign derived from the Vanezetti equation, who knows...


  1. hmm...maybe there is a reason why you always liked this movie. maybe it speaked to your soul and somehow it is connected to your future o_O

  2. ...maybe I'm the only hope to human dreams - fantasia... i guess i'll grow a freaking mollet...

  3. (Fernando) Yes!!! I love the Neverending Story!! We watched it so many times mom thought it really never ended. I remember going to the movie theater to watch the second one, and I thought it was good too. Of course the third one sent everything down the toilet... For a quick trivia factoid though: the third one features Baxter running away from a gang of thugs (again!), the leader of which is no one other than.... Jack Black, young but always chunky. Who knew?!?!?!

  4. I really like that movie!! it was my younger brother and my favorite movie.