Friday, February 6

Being Lost is good for you | Inspirational Story

The Numbers

by Rodrigo Silveira

Okay, so here's a story... Several months ago I was staring at the looking glass here at work (which technically is a looking plasma), when I decided to blog for the first time in my life. Since then I have posted on a whole array of diverse topics. Today, after clocking out, I found myself starring at an upgraded plasma monitor. I'm currently waiting for my beautiful, young bride to come back from the bride's shop with her friends, so I thought I'd do some more bloggage.

The reason I'm so excited today is becaue my co-worker's ex-boyfriend just stopped by my office to drop off his brand new copy of Lost (season 4). During last year's Christmas season, as I tried to find something to do to help me pass the lonely time with Luci a million miles away, I started watching Lost. I'd heard about it, but for some reason I never cared to watch it. That is, until I watched the first episode online.

About a month ago I had to go to FYE and buy me Lost (season 1). In three [school]days I had finished watching it with Luci. Then about two days later I got my co-worker's [then] boyfriend to lend me season 2, which we watched in 6 days (this is during the second week of school or so). The next Monday following then we go season 3, but this time we only watched the first 2 CD's during the week (that Monday and the day after), and then we thought we should wait until Friday to keep watching it because it was taking too much time that we needed to do homework and sleep. We finished season 3 two Saturdays later (we took the Friday in between to go out and do something else).

So today, the Friday after we finished season 3, I got season 4! I can't express in less than a few hundred words how excited I am to see who exactly Jack saw... I mean, maybe I shouldn't say what happened at the end of season 3 in case someone hasn't seen it yet, but let me just show you how excited I am... In preparation for tonight, I took about an hour or so of my time today (my lunch break) and put together a new wallpaper for my PC:

Anyway, that all I wanted to say tonight. Of course, though, here's something else I can't post later... While Luci and I were watching season 2, we were so entrigued about the numbers that we wrote them down on a piece of paper and hung it on the wall and tried to figure out what it meant mathematically... 4-8-15-16-23-42... what? Well, the timer thing in the you-know-where that would always go back to 108..., well, from the first time I saw that I knew 108 was a part of the sequence... But it never fit... So then I decided to add up all the number (the 6), and guess what?!

4 + 8 = 12
12 + 15 = 27
27 + 16 = 43
43 + 23 = 66
66 + 42 = 108


4 + 8 + 15 + 16 + 23 + 42 = 108

In other words, if you add up all the numbers in the sequence, you get one hundred and eight... Pretty cool, huh?! well, guess what, Luci didn't think so... She just told me I was weird and went to her room and never cared to look at the numbers again... oh well...


  1. Well, u know... Husbands and wives do have many fundamental differences, which often end up as wives thinking their husbands are from some other planet and vice versa. Nice catch, though! Now, if I only knew what 108 means......!! And did you ever end up watching The Lost Room? If not, go do it!!!!

  2. "AFTER clocking out..." "At my lunch break"... hahaha I don't think Louise read this blog.

    Lost is A-mazing... just wait what comes next!

  3. I did clock out before blogging... I must say, after watching lost, for some reason only known to the island..., my productivity went up tremendously... i refuse to talk to people for over a couple of minutes now if the conversation doesn't add to the value of my work. i don't even walk out to take luci to class or work or anything...

    and no, i have not yet seen the lost room... maybe my next entry will be about all the books, movies, games, and series i have to get to next... we'll see... i just get so involved with one or two things that some times i forget stuff... you know, how sometimes you can't even remember what you forgot?!