Friday, February 27

The Never Ending Story Movie | It Ends Tonight

Everyday Short Stories

by Rodrigo Silveira

Wow, talk about weird...
Last December, for Christmas, I got a very thoughtful gift from my brother. Somehow he managed to find a special edition of a DVD from a show I used to watch back in the late 1980s. This movie, to those of you not from that era, is the classic The Never Ending Story.

Anyhow, tonight for the first time since I got the movie, I decided to watch it with my young little princess as we sat on our new couch. I had some good flashbacks from back in the day, Luci thought the movie was cool, and I enjoyed a couple of shots of Jolt.

Here's what's weird about it... a few nights ago, as I was researching something, I came across a completely random Masonic documentary that I didn't care to watch. Except that being so curious (by that I probably mean bored), I clicked the video and clicked the timeline somewhere in the middle because I didn't feel like watching the whole thing. The one part this Masonic video stoped at was where they were talking about the pillars from Salomon's temple that are very meaningful to the Masons (Boaz and Jachin, 1 Kings 7:21). Well, they were showing examples of Masonic influence in the media, and for some reason known only to the Cosmics, they showed a clip from... The Never Ending Story where they symbolically show the two pillars and their meaning. Up until I shaw that 30 second cilp, I had forgotten I own the movie.

So as I watched it tonight with Luci, I remembered the Masonic documentary... But then... after I got home, I decided to check my internet life really quick and make sure everything was still spinning... I responded to some emails and things like that..., then I checked my RSS updates... and here's what I got from my Movies News channel:

As we were watching the movie, Luci told me it'd be really cool if they remade the movie... Then lo-and-behold, they are remaking the doggone movie... Maybe this is another sign derived from the Vanezetti equation, who knows...

Sunday, February 22

"Gotta keep up with the boss"

Tip for success

Here's a tip I heard today that I think is pretty clever: If you find out your boss is reading a certain book (especially if it's not a novel, but some sort of self-improvement or technical type book), stop by the bookstore or your local library and get yourself a copy of the book on your way home. Read that book, learn from it, and if appropriate, bring it to your boss' attention that you are interested in the same subject, have read the book, and think anyone that'd read such a book is simply the greatest. One way to get in or stay in your boss' inner-circle is to think like he or she does. Reading the same book as your boss will give you good insight into your boss, his or her priorities, and whatever specific thing the book teaches.

Wednesday, February 11

Mathematics Say You Will Die Tomorrow | Weird LOST Story


by Rodrigo Silveira

America... The numbers don't lie... They sure mess with you, but you just have to embrace it. Here I was, 16 minutes ago, typing a nice message about a new web development project I'm working on for work, when Blogger did something screwy and my message was suddenly gone. Google Chrome doesn't usually do that, you know... not even my draft was any good. This was the first time I needed my draft, but for some reason the draft was blank.

So yeah, this only strengthens the weirness (or the freaky reality) that I've noticed around us for the for the past 15 days... Bear with me...

So in Lost, the numbers we have all come to love (4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42), well, as you know, they are the factors of the Valenzetti  Equation, which predicts the exact time when humanity will destroy itself... that means that on the 8th day of the 4th month of the 15th year of the millenium, we will all be dead at hour 16:23:42... that is translated to April 8, 2015, at 4:23 p.m. and 42 seconds...

My purpose in posting this is not to convince anybody of the power of the numbers, but let reality guide your thoughts as you make up your own mind about the subject:

So there you have it, folks... Be careful out there!

Rodrigo Silveira [you're-only-safe-if-your-belly-is-full]

Friday, February 6

Being Lost is good for you | Inspirational Story

The Numbers

by Rodrigo Silveira

Okay, so here's a story... Several months ago I was staring at the looking glass here at work (which technically is a looking plasma), when I decided to blog for the first time in my life. Since then I have posted on a whole array of diverse topics. Today, after clocking out, I found myself starring at an upgraded plasma monitor. I'm currently waiting for my beautiful, young bride to come back from the bride's shop with her friends, so I thought I'd do some more bloggage.

The reason I'm so excited today is becaue my co-worker's ex-boyfriend just stopped by my office to drop off his brand new copy of Lost (season 4). During last year's Christmas season, as I tried to find something to do to help me pass the lonely time with Luci a million miles away, I started watching Lost. I'd heard about it, but for some reason I never cared to watch it. That is, until I watched the first episode online.

About a month ago I had to go to FYE and buy me Lost (season 1). In three [school]days I had finished watching it with Luci. Then about two days later I got my co-worker's [then] boyfriend to lend me season 2, which we watched in 6 days (this is during the second week of school or so). The next Monday following then we go season 3, but this time we only watched the first 2 CD's during the week (that Monday and the day after), and then we thought we should wait until Friday to keep watching it because it was taking too much time that we needed to do homework and sleep. We finished season 3 two Saturdays later (we took the Friday in between to go out and do something else).

So today, the Friday after we finished season 3, I got season 4! I can't express in less than a few hundred words how excited I am to see who exactly Jack saw... I mean, maybe I shouldn't say what happened at the end of season 3 in case someone hasn't seen it yet, but let me just show you how excited I am... In preparation for tonight, I took about an hour or so of my time today (my lunch break) and put together a new wallpaper for my PC:

Anyway, that all I wanted to say tonight. Of course, though, here's something else I can't post later... While Luci and I were watching season 2, we were so entrigued about the numbers that we wrote them down on a piece of paper and hung it on the wall and tried to figure out what it meant mathematically... 4-8-15-16-23-42... what? Well, the timer thing in the you-know-where that would always go back to 108..., well, from the first time I saw that I knew 108 was a part of the sequence... But it never fit... So then I decided to add up all the number (the 6), and guess what?!

4 + 8 = 12
12 + 15 = 27
27 + 16 = 43
43 + 23 = 66
66 + 42 = 108


4 + 8 + 15 + 16 + 23 + 42 = 108

In other words, if you add up all the numbers in the sequence, you get one hundred and eight... Pretty cool, huh?! well, guess what, Luci didn't think so... She just told me I was weird and went to her room and never cared to look at the numbers again... oh well...