Friday, January 2

Where does fate come from? | Short Motivation Poem

Questions to think about

by Rodrigo Silveira

I'd like to ask you to answer me this: What will happen in your life in five days? Do you know? Do you have any power whatsoever to change or prevent whatever is coming at and to you? How connected our we all to each other? Never mind, don't answer me any of these questions...

So here's a pattern I've recognized recently: Opportunity and oppression; chance and challenge; struggle and triumph... That's what life is all about. There's very little we can do to truly minimize one and maximize the other. Things like these can't be found, they just happen. And when it does, we can either embrace them or ignore them, neglecting the very reality or such phenomena.

But here's something I want to share to illustrate the drama of the miracle process... You cannot find yourself until you lose yourself. Let me expound... A few days ago I had an incident with a certain someone that caused the adrenaline to run at high levels. My failling voice served as evidence of my close encounter with tragedy for a good ten days. I thought it was meant to be... each moment in the last 15 minutes before I was innevitably faced with that situation makes me believe that there was nothing I could have done to avoid it, even if I had seen the future and tried to stop it.

Only a few hours later, another event caused me to think about guardian angels... A very starnge and unusual event took place, and I was rescued by the most unexpected thing you could think of. And on and on, day after day, hour after hour, weird things kept happening around me. The more I gave it my attention, the more I realized there must have been something going on. Just when I thought there was a door closing right in my face, and right as I decided to seize the forthcoming  strangness, a bizarre event would happen opposite to what was going on. I was metaphorically on the edge of a cliff financially, when after my last reasonable effort to savage myself from the fall, a strong wind of independence broght me up and away from danger.

Then just now, the event that drove me home to my laptop so I could blog this series of singular occurances, was that I was on my way to the plasma center, when the thought came to me that maybe, perhaps, I could ask the manager of the place if he would award me a $20 dollar bonus for having refered someone to his joint over a year ago. After the needle was out of my left arm, I simply went straight to the cashier lady, told her of my referal, and walked out of the place with $75 bones in my pocket. The snow that greeted me outside oddly turned to rain as I approached the I-80 westbound... I somehow knew that something peculiar was about to come forth. Believe you me, my loyal blog readers, as I took my slick tired 2007 Aerio SX down a one lane street, there were three cars about 40 feet in front of me that in less than 5 seconds came to a complete stop. Though I was going only some 20 miles per hour, my car wouldn't stop. Now, here's the irony... This whole thing about weird stuff happening to me started about two weeks ago, when I was driving in the rain right after a big snow storm. The snow took control of my car and I wasn't able to stop in time to avoid a mild, yet aggravating collision. Now this whole thing was flashing before my eyes as I went up 3500 South, with three stoped cars waiting for me to high five them. There was a car coming towards us in the lane to my left... A curb and a wise side walk on my right trapping me in my despair. The weird thing tonight was that I calmly turned off my radio (I was listening to my Portishead album that only cost me $.79 from, and let go of the breaks. I'd been applying the breaks slowly, pumping it, and yet the car kept sliding forward and a little sideways on the backside. I swear, people, I kidd you not... I must have been less than 10 feet away from the white car in front of me, when suddenly I threw my car to the right, expecting to hit the curb hard, bounce off of that to smash the car in front of me with my door, possibly throwing him to the car in front of him. I kept my eyes opened and my mouth closed. The windshield wipers seemed to have increased in loudness and the fast-moving rubber outpaced the wet snow, producing an intense noise of disgraceful horror. Somehow, for some reason, the street expanded into a two lane road, with my car fitting precisely right into the angled opening, allowing me through unscathed. Nobody got scratched, not my car, not the curb, not the cars in front of me. 

It's been two hours now since the latest creepy thing has happened to me. So far I'm still alive. Still enjoying the awkward things I'm experiences, and I totally look forward to whatever may come next. Since the last snowstorm I have lost some blood, hurt my social life a bit, felt some pain in my coronary area (symbolically), and magically enough, saw nothing but green arrows in the piggy region... If only you people knew what I'm talking about...


  1. hmm...snow turning to rain...look under the cherry tree and there you will find what you search for. while you are at it, tom's hot dogs may provide you some temporary satisfaction while you await for nazomi to return from canada.

    way to not crash your car!

  2. I must kill that guy in a black jacket that speaks a weird language... The ancient dragon mole myth is apparently true... He is my enemy...

  3. oh dear...before you do that you have to find the phoenix mole to avoid the end of the world.

  4. "go back to your hole!"

    Hahahaha!!! That's funny how you're so afraid of dying that you have to tell your dragon mole to go back to where she came from so I won't kill you! Fool!

  5. Fernando stares blankly. Saliva drips slowly from his mouth, his eyes glazed over in utter ignorance. Say what?!?!?!?!!