Thursday, January 22

A small step is also a big step | Motivational Lessons

Look Inspiration in the Eye

by Rodrigo Silveira

America…, today I write so I can say I’ve taken the first step in achieving my most important personal development goals for the year. Actually, I only have two of them in this category. I have many goals, and I try to fit them into different categories. The self development category has a bunch of sub-categories, one of which is “things to produce.” And in this category I have two goals: 1) Write the first edition of my book (probably not a releasable version yet, but I’ve been dreaming this up since 2002, so I better do one thing about it), and 2) regularly publish meaning financial/economic articles.

After shaking my professor’s hand last week at the end of my Microeconomics class, I remember walking to my car feeling like I had the world sitting on my right hand. I couldn’t wait to get home and write down the main ideas that were going through my mind, so I pulled out a little notepad that I keep in my car and started writing things as I drove. Somehow I managed to see both the road and my paper, and I captured the essence of whatever inspiration possessed me. Here are some concepts I still have fresh in my heart from last week:

“The greatest value in life is not a bank account or a house to live in.
The key to greatness includes living well, participating in a purpose greater
than yourself, and filling your life with the loving company of other

“80% of American millionaires reported to shop with a ‘middle-class
mindset,’ meaning they clip coupons and shop sales.”

“Don’t compromise your character when chasing your dreams.”

“The only way to progress and succeed is through effective leadership.
The only way to become an effective leader is through education.”

“Formal education will make you a living. Self education will make you
a fortune.”

You may have noticed that the above five points are in quotations. I’m not sure why I did that, except for the last quote, which was uttered my Mr. Jim Rohn. However, since those concepts were formulated in my mind and written however my fingers formatted them, I guess technically I didn’t need the quote marks… Anyways, I think this is good enough for today. Tune in tomorrow for my first mini article…

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  1. Those were good thoughts. I'm glad you are writing them down, I think we really open ourselves to deeper thinking and greater inspiration when we record the things that come to us in moments like the one you described so we can reflect on it. As far as your micro, that is pretty fun to learn. Macroecon is even better. Have fun!