Wednesday, November 25

Rolled up layers of self

It is estimated that 98% of all websites never get visited. That's not bad, seeing that once you find out how to get frequent new visits to your site, you only have 2% of all websites to compete against for all of our clicks. Now, seeing as I've been working for the last several months for one of the top Search Engine Optimization companies in the world, I thought I'd use what I've been learning there and expand my bi-annual fiffy-gee cashflow.

Lately I've been looking for supplier for different products I'd like to market online and sell lots and lots of through my super SEO skills. While my preparations continue to roll forth, I thought I'd take some time and toss my two coins in the direction of my wife's bucket and help her generate her visitor flow so more people can read about her journey toward success.

One of the most powerful forces that I know of is the way an idea can inspire a person to move to action. Today there was such an idea going through Luci's head and she decided to write a blog to document her latest goal - to get in better physical shape. When something like this happens there's not much you can do to avoid being put in the middle of the floor and dancing.

As I laid in bed next to her this evening reading the news from her Blackberry, she suddenly pulled by the arm and told me we were going to the gym. Next thing I know I was spotting her as she bench pressed half her body weight. This was the first time she ever touched a barbell, and she was pushing maximum weight from the beginning... We literally had to cut our run short because the gym was closing and the lights were being turned off on us. We came home, took some before pictures, fried some omelets, and sat down as we toasted our protein shakes to her new endeavor. This is when I noticed myself sitting down toplessly with 50% of my belly folded over itself. I had to double check the picture she had just taken of me to make sure I really was this out of shape. Not bad, though, because at least now I know where my missing money has gone. And there I was thinking Taco Bell had stolen my wallet...

Now, to summarize today's events, stop searching for the link to the best blog in the internet! I'll tell you where that is and why:

Why - click, read, and learn

Friday, July 24

Those who do not read are no better off than those who cannot.

Short Stories

by Rodrigo Silveira

Once upon a time, in a familiar land not very far at all, there used to be a very wise man. In fact, there was a very wise woman, too, and they were both actually married. Come to think of it, this wise couple was really good friends with another highly wise, sophisticated couple, whose inner-circle was composed of other wise people like themselves.

Time went on; the seasons passed by; the grains of sand made their way steadily to the bottom triangle, never to return again. Now this wise people only seemed to have accumulated more and more wisdom. Their friends, now with new faces, new names, and new ideas, appeared as wise as anybody could be. Their evenings were, so the storyteller relates, spent with laughter, clever jokes, and lots and lots of tea.

One day, however, a certain traveller showed up suddenly, unannounced. He came from a land unknown to the rest of the people. His name was hard to pronounce, and his words hard to understand. This unnoticed traveller quickly noticed how foolish he was. The locals had such a practicle and curious way of seeing things. Everything the traveller did was done in the least effective way possible...

Information, the traveller noticed, was a valuable tool. One to be handled with care... The less information one shares, the more power he retained; the more information you collected, the more power you consumed. Under a fruitful apple tree sat the traveller, who often thought to himself such mysteries as, "What would one need so much power for?"

Upon closer examination of his situation, the traveller noticed that his ever-learning, wise critiques had funny feet. Their toes came out of the back of their feet. Their shoes, instead of Nike, was made by companies like Ekin, Onuzim, Amup, Alif, Scisa, and Iccug. How peculiar...

Under that apple tree he further realized that these people constantly told him how to gain large amounts of gold coins, though they all seemed to always be in need of the money themselves. They taught him the true way of fashion, though they always wore the silliest of clothes. They mocked him because of the way he spoke, though none of them mastered their own language. They persecuted him because of his believes, though they walked contrary to their own faith.

Near the end of his life, many years after his arrival, the traveller took a good look in the glass and realized he had become a wise man. His friends had been a great influence and a good support system for him. They'd educated him in all that he needed to know in order to lead a successful life, which now seemed to be drawing near its end.

The traveller then closed his eyes tightly, put his head down in shame and shook it from side to side with some degree of vigor, and emptied his lungs at once, in an instant. He then took a good look at his image on the wall, squinted his brown eyes slowly, turned his back against the city that had fathered for so long, and never looked back. Years later, during an occasional celebration at the town where the wise lived, a young girl mentioned the traveller, enquiring if anyone knew of his whereabouts. To her surprise, nobody remembered who he was.

-The End

Saturday, July 11

Chinese Proverb | The journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step

Ancient Chinese Proverbs

from my list of Chinese Proverbs

Guess who is back?!

It's been a long time since I last wrote. Since my last post I have experienced a few things that made me appreciate life so much more. I've learned a few lessons about the power of gratitude, and the powerful things that can come out of enduring things.

After a large count of years, I have finally been given an opportunity in the fast-paced corporate world of America. I know sit in a cubicle and program a Microsoft Windows machine for some 10 hours a day, five and a half days a week. It's everything I've always wanted! The good news is that I haven't [yet] had a case of the Mondays. My department refers to me as "the coder." I love it!

Now, while my laundery dries, and while my wife surfs the web looking for apartments and expensive furniture, I thought I'd post something here so the lost children of the world won't go hungry for wisdom from Chinese Proverbs.

In my daily commutes to work, I've started listening to an audio book by Robert Greene titled, "The 48 laws of power." One of the laws states that one's absense is more valuable than his or her presence. Now that I've been gone from the web, let's try out that law and see if people go crazy when I return as the world did after Michael Jackson died his lonely death last week...

Anyway, to be hosnest with you, I just wanted to comment on one of my favorite ancient Chinese proverbs. The proverb says that,

The journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.

Well, that sounds fairly nice, however, the conventional wisdom that goes along with that is this:

The Journey of a Thousand Miles


the journey of a thousand miles sometimes ends very, very badly.



Saturday, May 9

If you try long enough you can't fail - every last time

Daily Inspirational Stories

by Rodrigo Silveira

I once heard  a very wise manb talk about what he called the law of averages. He said that once you do something long enough you'll start seeing ratios. Then with that, say for instance, that if you do something ten times you succeed once, then if you want to succeed three times all you'd have to do is try thirty times. Well, this last week I saw two powerful examples of that and that's what I'd like to bloggify about.

First, I'm writing this as a result of several requests from my die-hard readers. So lesson number one today is this: if you ask somebody to do something enough times, you'll eventually get it. Nice job, people!

Lesson two is this: Two weeks ago I determined to get a job. I wasn't particularly planning on it, but my wife, who was working 42 to 108 hours a week, cleaning the house, cooking, and driving me around (she even gave me 4 sponge baths in the course of the month we've been married, but I don't like taking baths or showering either, so she stopped), she eventually got sick of having me walking around on my super-man boxers and sleeping half the time and playing Silent Hill 2 the other half. So yeah, don't let women tell you what to do and boss you around. You should follow your dreams and enjoy your freedom!

Anyways, with that, I then applied for nearly 23 jobs in two fields I was confident to be successful in. From those applications I was invited to some 8 interviews. Three of them were with huge companies in the financial world, 4 were in other types of sales. The last one I was scheduled to interview with was iMergent Inc. down in Orem. All my interviews up to that one averaged 45 minutes. The first one I had was with Modern Woodmen, which took just under two hours. Anyways, my interview with iMergent was only some half-hour or so, during which time I spoke most of the time. I thought things were going fine. At the very end, after answering some 15 or 16 questions, we had a dialogue that went something like this:

"Mr. Silveira, you sound like a nice guy. However, most people come here and interview and talk really smooth. Then they get the position and work really hard and professional - for a week or so, then they go back to their normal self and slack off and do nothing...

"What can you tell me about yourself to show me you're not like that?"

"Well... [eye-ball-to-eye-ball, followed by a brief mysterious silence] Mr. Buttler, I'd like to answer this question with a letter from my last boss. I think her perspective of my work ethics, based on her experience and observation, is more valuable than anything I could tell you."



Dome! I got the job my friends! I think I can attribute my success up to now to three things that I believe summarize our opportunities:

1. If you apply to enough jobs you'll get some interviews, and if you interview enough times you will get some offers.

2. Though I have yet to take a real class on computer programming, I have dedicated easily over 1000 hours of my life to searching knowledge on the subject. Just last week alone I read 4 books on the subject of CSS programming.

3. I took advantage of past opportunities I have had so new ones (and even greater ones) have been made manifest before me. Thank you, Louise!

So to conclude, everyone should go to my new website:

Monday, March 23

Business at the BC Movie

Watch Business at the BC, a series of short videos about LDS Business College (Salt Lake City, Utah). The movie gets good beginning on minute 6:01 to about 8:10 or so... Watch now, Business at the BC, part 1 of episode 3.

Friday, February 27

The Never Ending Story Movie | It Ends Tonight

Everyday Short Stories

by Rodrigo Silveira

Wow, talk about weird...
Last December, for Christmas, I got a very thoughtful gift from my brother. Somehow he managed to find a special edition of a DVD from a show I used to watch back in the late 1980s. This movie, to those of you not from that era, is the classic The Never Ending Story.

Anyhow, tonight for the first time since I got the movie, I decided to watch it with my young little princess as we sat on our new couch. I had some good flashbacks from back in the day, Luci thought the movie was cool, and I enjoyed a couple of shots of Jolt.

Here's what's weird about it... a few nights ago, as I was researching something, I came across a completely random Masonic documentary that I didn't care to watch. Except that being so curious (by that I probably mean bored), I clicked the video and clicked the timeline somewhere in the middle because I didn't feel like watching the whole thing. The one part this Masonic video stoped at was where they were talking about the pillars from Salomon's temple that are very meaningful to the Masons (Boaz and Jachin, 1 Kings 7:21). Well, they were showing examples of Masonic influence in the media, and for some reason known only to the Cosmics, they showed a clip from... The Never Ending Story where they symbolically show the two pillars and their meaning. Up until I shaw that 30 second cilp, I had forgotten I own the movie.

So as I watched it tonight with Luci, I remembered the Masonic documentary... But then... after I got home, I decided to check my internet life really quick and make sure everything was still spinning... I responded to some emails and things like that..., then I checked my RSS updates... and here's what I got from my Movies News channel:

As we were watching the movie, Luci told me it'd be really cool if they remade the movie... Then lo-and-behold, they are remaking the doggone movie... Maybe this is another sign derived from the Vanezetti equation, who knows...

Sunday, February 22

"Gotta keep up with the boss"

Tip for success

Here's a tip I heard today that I think is pretty clever: If you find out your boss is reading a certain book (especially if it's not a novel, but some sort of self-improvement or technical type book), stop by the bookstore or your local library and get yourself a copy of the book on your way home. Read that book, learn from it, and if appropriate, bring it to your boss' attention that you are interested in the same subject, have read the book, and think anyone that'd read such a book is simply the greatest. One way to get in or stay in your boss' inner-circle is to think like he or she does. Reading the same book as your boss will give you good insight into your boss, his or her priorities, and whatever specific thing the book teaches.

Wednesday, February 11

Mathematics Say You Will Die Tomorrow | Weird LOST Story


by Rodrigo Silveira

America... The numbers don't lie... They sure mess with you, but you just have to embrace it. Here I was, 16 minutes ago, typing a nice message about a new web development project I'm working on for work, when Blogger did something screwy and my message was suddenly gone. Google Chrome doesn't usually do that, you know... not even my draft was any good. This was the first time I needed my draft, but for some reason the draft was blank.

So yeah, this only strengthens the weirness (or the freaky reality) that I've noticed around us for the for the past 15 days... Bear with me...

So in Lost, the numbers we have all come to love (4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42), well, as you know, they are the factors of the Valenzetti  Equation, which predicts the exact time when humanity will destroy itself... that means that on the 8th day of the 4th month of the 15th year of the millenium, we will all be dead at hour 16:23:42... that is translated to April 8, 2015, at 4:23 p.m. and 42 seconds...

My purpose in posting this is not to convince anybody of the power of the numbers, but let reality guide your thoughts as you make up your own mind about the subject:

So there you have it, folks... Be careful out there!

Rodrigo Silveira [you're-only-safe-if-your-belly-is-full]

Friday, February 6

Being Lost is good for you | Inspirational Story

The Numbers

by Rodrigo Silveira

Okay, so here's a story... Several months ago I was staring at the looking glass here at work (which technically is a looking plasma), when I decided to blog for the first time in my life. Since then I have posted on a whole array of diverse topics. Today, after clocking out, I found myself starring at an upgraded plasma monitor. I'm currently waiting for my beautiful, young bride to come back from the bride's shop with her friends, so I thought I'd do some more bloggage.

The reason I'm so excited today is becaue my co-worker's ex-boyfriend just stopped by my office to drop off his brand new copy of Lost (season 4). During last year's Christmas season, as I tried to find something to do to help me pass the lonely time with Luci a million miles away, I started watching Lost. I'd heard about it, but for some reason I never cared to watch it. That is, until I watched the first episode online.

About a month ago I had to go to FYE and buy me Lost (season 1). In three [school]days I had finished watching it with Luci. Then about two days later I got my co-worker's [then] boyfriend to lend me season 2, which we watched in 6 days (this is during the second week of school or so). The next Monday following then we go season 3, but this time we only watched the first 2 CD's during the week (that Monday and the day after), and then we thought we should wait until Friday to keep watching it because it was taking too much time that we needed to do homework and sleep. We finished season 3 two Saturdays later (we took the Friday in between to go out and do something else).

So today, the Friday after we finished season 3, I got season 4! I can't express in less than a few hundred words how excited I am to see who exactly Jack saw... I mean, maybe I shouldn't say what happened at the end of season 3 in case someone hasn't seen it yet, but let me just show you how excited I am... In preparation for tonight, I took about an hour or so of my time today (my lunch break) and put together a new wallpaper for my PC:

Anyway, that all I wanted to say tonight. Of course, though, here's something else I can't post later... While Luci and I were watching season 2, we were so entrigued about the numbers that we wrote them down on a piece of paper and hung it on the wall and tried to figure out what it meant mathematically... 4-8-15-16-23-42... what? Well, the timer thing in the you-know-where that would always go back to 108..., well, from the first time I saw that I knew 108 was a part of the sequence... But it never fit... So then I decided to add up all the number (the 6), and guess what?!

4 + 8 = 12
12 + 15 = 27
27 + 16 = 43
43 + 23 = 66
66 + 42 = 108


4 + 8 + 15 + 16 + 23 + 42 = 108

In other words, if you add up all the numbers in the sequence, you get one hundred and eight... Pretty cool, huh?! well, guess what, Luci didn't think so... She just told me I was weird and went to her room and never cared to look at the numbers again... oh well...

Thursday, January 22

A small step is also a big step | Motivational Lessons

Look Inspiration in the Eye

by Rodrigo Silveira

America…, today I write so I can say I’ve taken the first step in achieving my most important personal development goals for the year. Actually, I only have two of them in this category. I have many goals, and I try to fit them into different categories. The self development category has a bunch of sub-categories, one of which is “things to produce.” And in this category I have two goals: 1) Write the first edition of my book (probably not a releasable version yet, but I’ve been dreaming this up since 2002, so I better do one thing about it), and 2) regularly publish meaning financial/economic articles.

After shaking my professor’s hand last week at the end of my Microeconomics class, I remember walking to my car feeling like I had the world sitting on my right hand. I couldn’t wait to get home and write down the main ideas that were going through my mind, so I pulled out a little notepad that I keep in my car and started writing things as I drove. Somehow I managed to see both the road and my paper, and I captured the essence of whatever inspiration possessed me. Here are some concepts I still have fresh in my heart from last week:

“The greatest value in life is not a bank account or a house to live in.
The key to greatness includes living well, participating in a purpose greater
than yourself, and filling your life with the loving company of other

“80% of American millionaires reported to shop with a ‘middle-class
mindset,’ meaning they clip coupons and shop sales.”

“Don’t compromise your character when chasing your dreams.”

“The only way to progress and succeed is through effective leadership.
The only way to become an effective leader is through education.”

“Formal education will make you a living. Self education will make you
a fortune.”

You may have noticed that the above five points are in quotations. I’m not sure why I did that, except for the last quote, which was uttered my Mr. Jim Rohn. However, since those concepts were formulated in my mind and written however my fingers formatted them, I guess technically I didn’t need the quote marks… Anyways, I think this is good enough for today. Tune in tomorrow for my first mini article…

Friday, January 2

If you can't beat us, buy us | Success Story

Success Story

by Rodrigo Silveira

I have just spent a few hours working my Scofield Magic, calculating my Bowman Matrix, and releasing my Isathmuts Metaphores... With that, I feel like throwing this one down before the pumpkins return home at the strike of the arm... Briefly, so I can celebrate my triumph, let me tell some of you about Sound IKE... You see, not everybody cares about morals, theories, and philosophies... Mainly because most such people never experienced a big break in society, or in their personal accomplishment lists... So for the rest of us, if you agree with me that paying for your music is the way to go, then this post is for you. If you download your MP3's for free, and are still reading this, then I hope to have you converted by the end of the text...

Here's a text, and I quote:

And, behold, one came and said unto him, Good Master, what good thing shall I do, that I may have eternal life? And he said unto him, Why callest thou me good? there is none good but one, that is, God: but if thou wilt enter into life, keep the commandments. He saith unto him, Which? Jesus said, Thou shalt do no murder, Thou shalt not commit adultery, Thou shalt not steal, Thou shalt not bear false witness, Honour thy father and thy mother: and, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself.
The young man saith unto him, All these things have I kept from my youth up: what lack I yet?
Jesus said unto him, If thou wilt be perfect, go and sell that thou hast, and give to the poor, and thou shalt have treasure in heaven: and come and follow me. But when the young man heard that saying, he went away sorrowful: for he had great possessions. - Matthew 19:16-22

Now, here's the moral of the story the young prince taught us all those years ago... Though you may be a great person, if you feel so bad about giving up a collection of music you never really even paid for, then you're missing out on a great opportunity to become a better person. But, if you can go to bed and convince yourself that you have a clear conscience, and that what you do isn't bad at all, and that you really don't need to pay for your music, then that's all you. But here's this: I downloaded and burned over 300 movies, and close to 2700 songs. If I can change, you can change...

And speaking of change..., and paying honestly for music... with that whole sermon I'm not sure why I preached..., here's !!! There's no such thing as a referral system, so I'm not profiting whatsoever for advertising their service. I just do it because it was a good first step in the process I'm going through of stopping downloading stuff for free and pay for it instead.

At Sound IKE you only pay $0.15 (15 cents) per song! The way it works is that you fill your account with a certain amount of money (the website claims they accept PayPal, but they don't right now), then you download songs (buy them) until you run out of money. They have different options that give you a better deal if you pay them more, obviously. For instance, if you load your account with $25, they give you another $25 as a bonus... Or in other words, they basically give you a 50% discount on those 15 cents per song... But if you load your account with $50 bucks, they give you $55 bucks of free downloads... That's a bit over 50% discount, but still, $55 bucks makes it seem like they're giving you a million free songs...

The only bad thing about it is that they don't have a whole lot of songs (they do, but there's so many they don't), and their search engine isn't the best. You might have to do several different searches to find a specific song you like, but nothing too bad. Also, you can't just put $5 bucks in your account. You can only do $15, $25, or $50. Not bad, though, because it's so cheap, you can load it with $25 and download music (honestly pay for it) for a while... That would be some 333 songs for $25 bucks. That's quite the savings there, compared to iTunes or something like that, where you pay $0.99 per song...

Also, if you buy a whole album, they give you 20% off what it would have cost you to buy each song individually. So if an album has 100 songs, it would have cost you $15 for the album. BUT, with their super awesome deal, it only costs you $12 bucks to buy 100 songs! Also, when you sign up you get two songs free, without having to buy anything or load your account with any money. I've used their system for about two weeks now, and they only charged my credit card once, and for the right amount. So far they have my trust...

Now, here's the magic... If you buy songs until January 4th (this Sunday, or rather, tomorrow), each song will only cost you NINE CENTS! You still get the 20% off a whole album... So you can buy 100 songs for $9 bucks, or an album of 100 songs for $6 dollars... I thought that was a pretty cool thing, there, my comrads...

Where does fate come from? | Short Motivation Poem

Questions to think about

by Rodrigo Silveira

I'd like to ask you to answer me this: What will happen in your life in five days? Do you know? Do you have any power whatsoever to change or prevent whatever is coming at and to you? How connected our we all to each other? Never mind, don't answer me any of these questions...

So here's a pattern I've recognized recently: Opportunity and oppression; chance and challenge; struggle and triumph... That's what life is all about. There's very little we can do to truly minimize one and maximize the other. Things like these can't be found, they just happen. And when it does, we can either embrace them or ignore them, neglecting the very reality or such phenomena.

But here's something I want to share to illustrate the drama of the miracle process... You cannot find yourself until you lose yourself. Let me expound... A few days ago I had an incident with a certain someone that caused the adrenaline to run at high levels. My failling voice served as evidence of my close encounter with tragedy for a good ten days. I thought it was meant to be... each moment in the last 15 minutes before I was innevitably faced with that situation makes me believe that there was nothing I could have done to avoid it, even if I had seen the future and tried to stop it.

Only a few hours later, another event caused me to think about guardian angels... A very starnge and unusual event took place, and I was rescued by the most unexpected thing you could think of. And on and on, day after day, hour after hour, weird things kept happening around me. The more I gave it my attention, the more I realized there must have been something going on. Just when I thought there was a door closing right in my face, and right as I decided to seize the forthcoming  strangness, a bizarre event would happen opposite to what was going on. I was metaphorically on the edge of a cliff financially, when after my last reasonable effort to savage myself from the fall, a strong wind of independence broght me up and away from danger.

Then just now, the event that drove me home to my laptop so I could blog this series of singular occurances, was that I was on my way to the plasma center, when the thought came to me that maybe, perhaps, I could ask the manager of the place if he would award me a $20 dollar bonus for having refered someone to his joint over a year ago. After the needle was out of my left arm, I simply went straight to the cashier lady, told her of my referal, and walked out of the place with $75 bones in my pocket. The snow that greeted me outside oddly turned to rain as I approached the I-80 westbound... I somehow knew that something peculiar was about to come forth. Believe you me, my loyal blog readers, as I took my slick tired 2007 Aerio SX down a one lane street, there were three cars about 40 feet in front of me that in less than 5 seconds came to a complete stop. Though I was going only some 20 miles per hour, my car wouldn't stop. Now, here's the irony... This whole thing about weird stuff happening to me started about two weeks ago, when I was driving in the rain right after a big snow storm. The snow took control of my car and I wasn't able to stop in time to avoid a mild, yet aggravating collision. Now this whole thing was flashing before my eyes as I went up 3500 South, with three stoped cars waiting for me to high five them. There was a car coming towards us in the lane to my left... A curb and a wise side walk on my right trapping me in my despair. The weird thing tonight was that I calmly turned off my radio (I was listening to my Portishead album that only cost me $.79 from, and let go of the breaks. I'd been applying the breaks slowly, pumping it, and yet the car kept sliding forward and a little sideways on the backside. I swear, people, I kidd you not... I must have been less than 10 feet away from the white car in front of me, when suddenly I threw my car to the right, expecting to hit the curb hard, bounce off of that to smash the car in front of me with my door, possibly throwing him to the car in front of him. I kept my eyes opened and my mouth closed. The windshield wipers seemed to have increased in loudness and the fast-moving rubber outpaced the wet snow, producing an intense noise of disgraceful horror. Somehow, for some reason, the street expanded into a two lane road, with my car fitting precisely right into the angled opening, allowing me through unscathed. Nobody got scratched, not my car, not the curb, not the cars in front of me. 

It's been two hours now since the latest creepy thing has happened to me. So far I'm still alive. Still enjoying the awkward things I'm experiences, and I totally look forward to whatever may come next. Since the last snowstorm I have lost some blood, hurt my social life a bit, felt some pain in my coronary area (symbolically), and magically enough, saw nothing but green arrows in the piggy region... If only you people knew what I'm talking about...