Saturday, December 20

three steps forward, no steps backwards, still in square one

Inspirational Leadership Stories

by Rodrigo Silveira

To be frank with whoever likes reading this thing so much, I really don't feel like writing anymore... writing has become to me like the pillow you look for all night, but when you find it there's no blanket. However, said the ant to the spider, you can't enter into the rest until you are wasted and worn out. There once was a warrior that fought his whole life trying to rescue his sister who had been sold into slavery long before he was born. The fascinating thing about this ancient Japanese fighter was that he was never seen crying. One day his mother found him laying on the ground with his head touching the grass. When he looked up a bit startled, he noticed he had been crying. In answer to his mother's inquiry, the warrior said he had lost his reason to fight; he had lost the purpose he had to live. The story goes on to explain that a few days prior to this incident, the warrior had an accident by himself and ended up blinded... he did something weird trying to develop a system to rescue his sister, and it backfired on him. So then once he had everything figured out, he was badly crippled. So then he was so frustrated and discouraged that he poisoned his own mother that night. He never tried to rescue his sister after that, but instead he went on to hang himself from his feet in a cave near what is known today as the city of Kyoto. The story ends when his sister finds out about it, but what she hears is that his mother poisoned him, causing him to become blind, then she went on to commit suicide. So in the end, the girl runs away and drowns herself in the ocean. 


  1. I just hope you are not depressed. This is a very sad story. I have another quote for you: Onward Ever, Backward Never!
    Life is not supposed to be easy, otherwise would be boring and meaningless. Luv Ya. Onward EVER! No matter what.