Sunday, December 21

Maybe he's one of the 4 Lamanites | Funny Short Stories

The inner circle is the best support system in the world. Good friends, as the poet said, is a crown to those that have them [prov. 12:4]... Let me thank all those who expressed concern toward my lugubrious self. Writing is such a powerful way of expression (to those who know how to use them, I'm enviously afraid). Words, the poet say, is LIGHT! [psalms 119:105]... Words helps us to see things clearly... Words mixed with emotion is powerful light. Not enough emotion, and you have a boring ward choir... too much emotion, and you have 3:33 am bar singers, depressing messages, overwhelming gloom... As I waited for some episodes of LOST to finish downloading last night, I took some time to throw down some thoughts that have been in my mind and in my heart lately. Perhaps I should have chosen my words better... Perhaps I should not have allowed Lex Luthor's frustration to influence my choice of pathos... But the truth is, audience, that I sometimes feel a bit wasted and worn out. The text suggests we don't beat the air, or fight in vain [1 cor 9:26], and yet, there is occasion where I feel even the air beating me up, almost like a bully, as it were.

However, as the drama of life goes, challenge always comes with opportunities... As the scornful attacked me in the dark, this phrase heard I, and I quote: "He thinks he's so good and mighty, maybe he's one of the four Lamanites." To my offender's misfortune, as the script reminds us, fools mock [Ether 12:26]. My polite correction to this thoughtless mistake broght forth subtle vexetion to them that attempted to harm the heart. 

Therefore, as I can never keep away from my remembrance, it is not only okay, but it is also our, mine, and your duty to waste and wear out our days in the cause for which we stand [D&C 123:13]. With that, all things must come to pass in their time [D&C 64:32]. Though frustration, discouragement, and to a degree helplessnes, may join us in toasting the embrace of the innevitable, I take comfort in, and draw strength from the modern text, which tells us that whenever we work a righteous cause, we are doing the Lord's business indeed. And with that, his words are sure and shall not fail - we will not be left in the dark [D&C 64:29-34]. To conclude, I just want to say that it's okay to allow yourself to cry every once in a while. The little things that come out of one's eye is the source from whence a lot is done inside one's soul. A very large ship is benefited very much by a very small helm in teh tiem of a storm. If you do ALL things that lie in your POWER, you may stand still, with the utmost assurance, that the miracle process will be mindful of you [D&C 123:16-17].

Peace to all, and thanks for listening, thinking, and acting. 


  1. Good posting, bro. You're right, fools mock, but they'll get theirs!!!!! And if your cause is right, just keep moving ahead.

  2. "Always abound in good works." It the way to go, I am happy that you got this right. Actually, it was Elder Romney that said that,"When we are striving to keep the commandments, nothing can go permanently wrong. On the other hand, when we are not following Christ nothing can go permanently right."