Sunday, December 28

In 5 years you will arrive. The question is where | Inspirational Leadership Stories

Planning for the future

by Rodrigo Silveira

Yesterday I went to my step brother's farewell down in Orem... He did a pretty nice job, then hosted a pretty sweet party at his house. While I sat down and argued geography, world history, politics, and a bit of pop culture with a certain fellow third-worlder, I stealthily clothed myself with my observant hat and took a few notes worthy of bloggage. So with Jimmy the Rohnnie preparing the way before us, let us proceed and bloggify to Charles Google's delight...

Of all first, here is my observation first that I made... I noticed that a good measure of how much wisdom one has gained from the great school of life, is how much one treasures his/her own family. The beforementioned soon-to-be missionary showed this to us clearly. During the two hours that his high school buddies were with him, he hung out in the living room where his family was. Then, as soon as the youngn's left, the good fellow disappeared to his room to play what is known today as the "x-box 360." I'm certain that in two years he'll much rather sit around with his mother and sisters and other family peeps than not. "A man searches the world over for what he needs, and returns home to find it."

Point second, I noticed that most people don't change, they become more of what they already are... As I left the church house with my precious angel on my Samsung, I ran into two old friends from way back in the day. They looked the exact same, but only a little worn out from the world. Then this morning, as I labored diligently to provide the rising generation with the greatest online services they can ask for, I saw a familiar face walking down the hall... She did this little flintching thing as if she had remembered something when she saw me. So she walked up to my desk and we started narrowly looking at each other, squinting our eyes as if we were a hundred yards away from one another. Then she shouted, "Tirulipa!" She remembered me, and I then confirmed it that she was indeed another old, old friend from not only a decade ago, but also a century ago, and even from last millenium.

The point, finally... All three of these ladies were the same. The personality was the same, the looks were the same, the attitude was the same. Only a little more expressive and developed, manifesting itself more openly. Yes, the one younger one had been to Harvard for the last few school terms, but still, she was now with her newly married hubby, and was back to the general flow of things.

So here's the drama... Ten years have gone by since I last saw these friends. Where are they in life today? Where am I? Where are you in relation to ten years ago? One thing these friends of mine said to me that I found interesting was that (other than "wow, you look so muscular") I didn't change one bit. And looking at them, neither did they. So what have we taken from the last ten years? If we were to have planned out then what we wanted to be today, would we have said, "I wish to be the same person I am today" ???

With that, where are you going to be in ten years? Who will you become? And most importantly, WHY will you become that person? So there you go... not the best post in my bag of posts, but enough to help to take the mind away from the clock so much... I mean, it's not like I don't know it's only 208 hours, 7 minutes, and a little less than 33 seconds before my life is complete again... So yeah... Cool huh?!


  1. Great thoughts. I know I was one who had not been on my mission more than a couple months before I really appreciated the family I have and wish I'd shown it more. I still regret not being nicer to you when you first started coming to young men/young women activities (if I haven't apologized yet, sorry bro! I'd do it diferently if I could go back). The love one has for his/her family are definitely a measure that person's growth. Great post!

  2. You know... When I met and started dating Marcio (ironically exactly 5 yrs ago) I couldn't tell you where I would be or what I would be doing in the next 5 months. I really couldn't visualize my future at all. If a man without a plan/vision for his life drifts, then I was a piece of driftwood in the middle of the ocean. I couldn't catch anything that told me where to go or what to do and I certainly didn't see myself going here. Now, though, I see my life stretched before me for decades with very few variances and I like the idea of being who I am--only hopefully I will learn to be a slightly better version of the same thing. Anyway. I think I get you, about always being who you are. You can run away from the whole world and never get away from yourself. I definitely am the same person I have always been.... only more me than ever (in most ways :-D).