Sunday, December 28

In 5 years you will arrive. The question is where | Inspirational Leadership Stories

Planning for the future

by Rodrigo Silveira

Yesterday I went to my step brother's farewell down in Orem... He did a pretty nice job, then hosted a pretty sweet party at his house. While I sat down and argued geography, world history, politics, and a bit of pop culture with a certain fellow third-worlder, I stealthily clothed myself with my observant hat and took a few notes worthy of bloggage. So with Jimmy the Rohnnie preparing the way before us, let us proceed and bloggify to Charles Google's delight...

Of all first, here is my observation first that I made... I noticed that a good measure of how much wisdom one has gained from the great school of life, is how much one treasures his/her own family. The beforementioned soon-to-be missionary showed this to us clearly. During the two hours that his high school buddies were with him, he hung out in the living room where his family was. Then, as soon as the youngn's left, the good fellow disappeared to his room to play what is known today as the "x-box 360." I'm certain that in two years he'll much rather sit around with his mother and sisters and other family peeps than not. "A man searches the world over for what he needs, and returns home to find it."

Point second, I noticed that most people don't change, they become more of what they already are... As I left the church house with my precious angel on my Samsung, I ran into two old friends from way back in the day. They looked the exact same, but only a little worn out from the world. Then this morning, as I labored diligently to provide the rising generation with the greatest online services they can ask for, I saw a familiar face walking down the hall... She did this little flintching thing as if she had remembered something when she saw me. So she walked up to my desk and we started narrowly looking at each other, squinting our eyes as if we were a hundred yards away from one another. Then she shouted, "Tirulipa!" She remembered me, and I then confirmed it that she was indeed another old, old friend from not only a decade ago, but also a century ago, and even from last millenium.

The point, finally... All three of these ladies were the same. The personality was the same, the looks were the same, the attitude was the same. Only a little more expressive and developed, manifesting itself more openly. Yes, the one younger one had been to Harvard for the last few school terms, but still, she was now with her newly married hubby, and was back to the general flow of things.

So here's the drama... Ten years have gone by since I last saw these friends. Where are they in life today? Where am I? Where are you in relation to ten years ago? One thing these friends of mine said to me that I found interesting was that (other than "wow, you look so muscular") I didn't change one bit. And looking at them, neither did they. So what have we taken from the last ten years? If we were to have planned out then what we wanted to be today, would we have said, "I wish to be the same person I am today" ???

With that, where are you going to be in ten years? Who will you become? And most importantly, WHY will you become that person? So there you go... not the best post in my bag of posts, but enough to help to take the mind away from the clock so much... I mean, it's not like I don't know it's only 208 hours, 7 minutes, and a little less than 33 seconds before my life is complete again... So yeah... Cool huh?!

Sunday, December 21

Maybe he's one of the 4 Lamanites | Funny Short Stories

The inner circle is the best support system in the world. Good friends, as the poet said, is a crown to those that have them [prov. 12:4]... Let me thank all those who expressed concern toward my lugubrious self. Writing is such a powerful way of expression (to those who know how to use them, I'm enviously afraid). Words, the poet say, is LIGHT! [psalms 119:105]... Words helps us to see things clearly... Words mixed with emotion is powerful light. Not enough emotion, and you have a boring ward choir... too much emotion, and you have 3:33 am bar singers, depressing messages, overwhelming gloom... As I waited for some episodes of LOST to finish downloading last night, I took some time to throw down some thoughts that have been in my mind and in my heart lately. Perhaps I should have chosen my words better... Perhaps I should not have allowed Lex Luthor's frustration to influence my choice of pathos... But the truth is, audience, that I sometimes feel a bit wasted and worn out. The text suggests we don't beat the air, or fight in vain [1 cor 9:26], and yet, there is occasion where I feel even the air beating me up, almost like a bully, as it were.

However, as the drama of life goes, challenge always comes with opportunities... As the scornful attacked me in the dark, this phrase heard I, and I quote: "He thinks he's so good and mighty, maybe he's one of the four Lamanites." To my offender's misfortune, as the script reminds us, fools mock [Ether 12:26]. My polite correction to this thoughtless mistake broght forth subtle vexetion to them that attempted to harm the heart. 

Therefore, as I can never keep away from my remembrance, it is not only okay, but it is also our, mine, and your duty to waste and wear out our days in the cause for which we stand [D&C 123:13]. With that, all things must come to pass in their time [D&C 64:32]. Though frustration, discouragement, and to a degree helplessnes, may join us in toasting the embrace of the innevitable, I take comfort in, and draw strength from the modern text, which tells us that whenever we work a righteous cause, we are doing the Lord's business indeed. And with that, his words are sure and shall not fail - we will not be left in the dark [D&C 64:29-34]. To conclude, I just want to say that it's okay to allow yourself to cry every once in a while. The little things that come out of one's eye is the source from whence a lot is done inside one's soul. A very large ship is benefited very much by a very small helm in teh tiem of a storm. If you do ALL things that lie in your POWER, you may stand still, with the utmost assurance, that the miracle process will be mindful of you [D&C 123:16-17].

Peace to all, and thanks for listening, thinking, and acting. 

Saturday, December 20

three steps forward, no steps backwards, still in square one

Inspirational Leadership Stories

by Rodrigo Silveira

To be frank with whoever likes reading this thing so much, I really don't feel like writing anymore... writing has become to me like the pillow you look for all night, but when you find it there's no blanket. However, said the ant to the spider, you can't enter into the rest until you are wasted and worn out. There once was a warrior that fought his whole life trying to rescue his sister who had been sold into slavery long before he was born. The fascinating thing about this ancient Japanese fighter was that he was never seen crying. One day his mother found him laying on the ground with his head touching the grass. When he looked up a bit startled, he noticed he had been crying. In answer to his mother's inquiry, the warrior said he had lost his reason to fight; he had lost the purpose he had to live. The story goes on to explain that a few days prior to this incident, the warrior had an accident by himself and ended up blinded... he did something weird trying to develop a system to rescue his sister, and it backfired on him. So then once he had everything figured out, he was badly crippled. So then he was so frustrated and discouraged that he poisoned his own mother that night. He never tried to rescue his sister after that, but instead he went on to hang himself from his feet in a cave near what is known today as the city of Kyoto. The story ends when his sister finds out about it, but what she hears is that his mother poisoned him, causing him to become blind, then she went on to commit suicide. So in the end, the girl runs away and drowns herself in the ocean. 

Saturday, December 13

Before she falls asleep, make her dream come true | Inspiring Story

Promising the World

by Rodrigo Silveira

Some wise man once told me that for a woman, nothing is as important than her wedding. So being a nice guy, I thought I'd plan out something unique, cool, and perhaps memorable for my fiancee. I know this probably cost more than some people thought I'd be able to spend, but the value of the occasion can never be measured in dollars. So after making a few phone calls, and at no small expenses, here's a preview of what we'll have this coming April:

Pretty cool, huh?! All I can say it, I love you, Lu! Have a wonderful Christmas, and a magical new year!

Friday, December 5

Beauty is not in the inside | Hilarious Short Quotes

Funny Short Story

by Rodrigo Silveira

I'm sure you've heard it said that true beauty is in one's inside. To be honest with you, I myself have accepted that, but only because it felt like a way to justify for what I had on the outside, between the top of my head and the bottom of my neck... But I've come to realize that to all of the funny-looking people out there, if you have little or nothing in the outside, the honest reality is that our inside looks fairly disturbing. The inside of a human body is undoubtedly a very unique thing to stare at, but don't be fooled thinking that there is any attraction to be felt by seeing things are they really, really are.

Today I was given the best Christmas present I've ever been given in the last 23 visits of Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus. This year they came early for reasons revealed to me, and I am very glad they did. My lovely young fiancee took me to Body Worlds here in Salt Lake City, and for a little under an hour we got to see the human body from more points of view than you would believe. For a family-oriented exposition, I was surprised to realize how many pipis were displayed for a mere $20... I did make a note to myself that most of the people looking at the lifeless male organ and giggling were females in their late days. Maybe the reason they thought that was such a humorous and amuzing thing to look at was because they must have felt like pretty soon they would be the ones being displayed inside the glass boxes, and innevitebly some punk stranger would point and laugh like they did.

Anyways, the first thing I saw was a surprisingly large sign that said there were NO PICTURES ALLOWED. And of course, like a nice, obedient South American, I had to throw it down with my Samsung 737 and snap a few shots of the artistic nudity:

Pretty sick, huh?! I didn't think I'd enjoy this expo quite as much as I did. One of the cool things was that there was this subtle, yet deep continuous sound of a heart beating going on in the hidden speakers in there. Then I read this thing by some athlete's heart, saying that the average human heart (adult) is about the size of the individual's fist, and weighs some 10oz. On average, it pumps 3oz of blood through the body each time it beats, which at an average of 70 beats per minute during rest, adds up to 165 billion contractions per a 75 year lifetime. They had a room with 32 barrels that represented 1.2 million gallons of blood, which was a representation of how much blood is pumped through our heart each day. Pretty useful information, specially for those of you out there with a dual personality like Mr. Durten...

So yeah, America, this is it for tonight. I thought I'd post this because I'd wanted to go to Body Worlds for a little while now. All of the bodies in there are real, so that is an extra bonus point to the coolness level of the situation. Then, being there with Luci just made the whole thing a thousand times more exciting, though she didn't care too much about the expo. Then seeing how she sponsored the whole thing and made it into a Christmas gift, I just about started foaming at my mouth at the situation, America. When we got to the main level after the exit, we got to record a video for Body Worlds talking about our experience, and I saw some people practicing for the day they die so their bodies will be ready to become a part of the show:

Peace on earth!

Wednesday, December 3

Gotta Warm up Before you get Hot | Motivational Quotes or Sayings

Saturday Night Soccer

by Rodrigo Silveira

Okay, coach, so here's a picture of my soccer team... We were well on our way to winning the outdoor championship this year for our college league... Last year, around the same time, we had an indoor soccer league, which I thought was a disaster. Our team was really good and we won all of our games by at least 12 points. Only one guy in our team scored more than I did, so I think I was doing pretty well handling myself there. Then I got a red card in one of the games for poor sportsmanship. All I did was shake a few guys a few times, then I busted out a bicycle kick... so I got ejected... weird. Then half way through the first final I got another red card for fighting some punk guy from Spain. So in the final game our team was crippled (we only had 4 guys on the field the whole time) and got outran and whooped... So this year we had a pretty good crew with some new people. We played those same guys from Europe again and and them over. It was a pretty easy game when we played them in the first round. I got a few assists and we dominated most of the game. Then suddenly, with three games to go and we 7 points ahead of the runnerup, there was this situation that snuck up on me unexpectedly. It was one of those frustrations of life that you just have to get used to and let it go. So summarizing a longer story than I care to tell, I quit going to the games and we lost the final game by 7x2. Our good goalie, "Iguita" (Ciro) was also absent that day... but I think I would rather remember our team (with Maracana photoshopped into it) for what we were overall. I had a lot of fun during that season, independently. One of my dreams in life from when I was but a little lad in poverty was to own a pair of white Nike cleats. That season, I played on Nike's kanguroo leather white cleats. That alone was worth it all.

Anyway, the only reason I can think of for posting this was that I'm about to put somethings in order and through it down here in my humble home office, so I thought I'd warm up starting my night with action so I'd get going with my big undertaking. I'll probably end up blogging about my new set up once I finish it. Yes, I will be the first one to admit that some of the ideas found here are based on Michael Scofield (I'll give you a cookie if you actually know what I'm talking about without checking it on Wikipedia), though most of what I visualize has been in the works for a few years (Weatherford)... So yeah, it's good to set goals.

"You cannot change destination overnight, but you can change direction overnight."
"Success is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well."
"The few who do are the envy of the many who don't."
"Time is more valuable than money."
"Discipline is the bridge between goals and accompilshments." -- Jim Rohn

I love to quote this man. He's not the only one to teach self development, but he just says it so beautifully... So yeah, this is me typing my frustrations away. If you look for something positive to say, you'll not only find it, but your sadness just might wither away... or something...