Sunday, November 30

One down, many more to go | Set Goals, Live your Dreams

Achieving one Dream at a Time

by Rodrigo Silveira

So last Friday night [last night] Luci and I "decided" to go to the mountains this morning. I'll spare you the details of our decision-making process, but trust me, Luci took a very meaningful role in the process. Either way, this morning we got in the car and started driving south (birds aren't the only species that fly south, eh?!)
I didn't want to tell Luci where we were going, but I think she realized we were going far away when I filled up the tank ($1.64 gallon at 7/11) and picked up an Energy Shot thing that tasted like pneumonia... Either way, this is where I took her:
For those of you not familiar with the place, this is a part of a national park called the Canyonland National Park, located in south-east Utah (about 300 miles south of my house in Salt Lake). Pretty gorgeous place... When we left at around 9:43am, the weather in SLC was a bit dreadful, as you can see in this picture of some happy windmillies:
Pretty happy windmillies, eh?! Anyways, I had checked online before I left so I knew we'd be encountering some good weather. I also checked my goals list for the day, along with my history data of when I had travelled over 100 minutes south of Provo, and getting pulled over was definitely NOT in my to-do list. So with that, know that I drove pretty slowly and conservatively the whole way to Moab...
Anyways, once we got there, we decided to take some happy pictures with my happy Samsung A737, which you can see right hither thus:
Once we had done thusly, we went over to this place 6018 feet above sea level, and we saw something like the following happy illustration:
Pretty sweet stuff... The rocks we were standing on was about I'd say a good 1000 feet above the main valley below, though the picture makes it seem way, way lower. The mini canyon in the middle of the picture is where the Green River is, though, again, it looked a lot more breath-taking than in the picture. It was about at this very time when I was taking these shots, that I was making a note-to-self in my mind (mental Black Berry in action) to invest in a really nice camera for next time we come out here or go somewhere memorable [bloggable].

But anyways, we hiked a little bit in this little area and realized there was no way to make our way down to the river from where we were (unless Ethan Hunt was around, but the man was nowhere to be found... fool!)... But we had a good time exploring the region:

For some reason seeing Luci mess around a few inches away from the edge of the cliff made me a bit nervous... But then she told me she was a professional with many years of experience climbing up dangerous places before, so I took it easy after that... phu...
Anyways, so we hiked around the different places in the park, though we never made it to the Maze or the Needles..., but we'll definitely be going back... SOON! and with a nice camera... and more food... so stay up, people... Sit tight and ponder about what it is like to sit down one day and write down about 100 places you'd like to visit one day in your life time... I think I even mentioned this on a previous entry... So yeah..., this is a good exercise... write down 10, 100, 1000, whatever, write down as many places you'd like to, dream about, and PLAN on visiting one day... That's what I did, and that's what I'm refering to... anyways, one of the top 10 places I wanted to visit this year (very generalized entry on my list, and later broken down and defined a bit more) was the National Parks in Utah... Canyonlands was top 3... So yeah, I accomplished a goal of mine today (it's actually 2:30am, technically Sunday, and I still need to shower, sleep, if possible, and go get Luci so we can go to church later on... Then I need to celebrate Sao Paulo's 6th national championship... my prediction is they win 2x0 and Gremio wins something like 3x0 or 3x1...) AND I also accomplished a dream! So let me conclude with this amazing picture and Jim Rohn:
"Make a living, but also make a life."


  1. The comment about the birds flying south is an inside joke for me!!! I feel important now!

  2. Cool stuff, bro! All these years and I (or Ruth) never went down to any of the Utah parks. Glad you guys are having fun.

  3. the birds sometimes fly south and the egg won't hatch... how do you respond to that?!