Monday, November 24

And she answered, Yea!

Asking the Right Questions

by Rodrigo Silveira

A wise man once said this, and I quote him: "If you don't want an answer, don't ask a question."
Let me put on my wiseman hat on, covering the wiseman baldness (yes, I said wiseman, look what Propecia and Rogaine will do to us males), and follow that up with this, and I quote [myself]: "If you do want an answer, delay asking the question, and when you finally do ask it, make it really complicated and manipulative."

Done! That's all it took me. Let me walk you through it... Since it's been a while since I last wrote in this thing, I think I'll write a pretty detailed explanation of what I did... no, n
ot really, I won't... and here are my two reasons: 1) it's 12:30 at night, and I need to be at work at 7:30am (to make up for not going to work for the rest of the week - someone has to pay for that Bella diamond), and 2) I still have to watch a special thing I downloaded on Prison Break (Beyond the Ink), where Wentworth Miller and the directors of Prison Break talk about Michael Scofield's tattoos... oooph... what could be better than for a Monday night...?!

So yeah, a picture is worth a few words, right (or so says the so-called "wiseman"): 
So to all of you wiseman, that picture up there is of me (the one on the left, white shirt with the expensive red tie, big muscles, followed up with the sexy facial attractions), followed up with my gorgeous back-at-the-time-the-pictue-was-taken "girlfriend." This took place a few weeks ago in the Capitol Building in Salt Lake City, Utah. We were there, minding our own business... Then I see some kid rolling around trying to show his date he knew how to "breakdance." So I proceeded to flare a few times, followed up by some footwork, followed up with a sweek pike and some hand gestures symbolizing myself telling this kid to... um... well... go home, I guess... So 
yeah, I followed that night up with, um... well..., not much else, I guess, we were pr
etty tired after that...

Anyways, I know this story is supposed to be about the day I proposed to the one girl I looked for all those years... But I thought it was a cool story there when I battled this strange kid and demostrated how cocky I can be... but the flares looked pretty clean, at least from my perspective...

Anyways, so here's a real picture of the rest of the real story:

So I decided to ask her out on a date... As you can see, I had to resort to the green bottle there... it was just to make 
sure there would be no surprises... At least that's what I learned reading my scriptures...

Then I took a picture of it in my car with my phone camera...

Followed that up with this one picture right here on the right:

Well, not really, that picture is from today when I was going to work on my $350 Gucci shirt and Tie combo from Amazon... B
ut I think it's a pretty cool picture because I'm sure some people will believe I wear Gucci's AND that I shop at Amazon... Nice... But anyways, following up with this left-and-right picture combo, I can only say one thing to all of you blog people out 
there in America and to all the children across the world: Check out my next picture... I think I look amazingly extraordinary:

Yes, that is a pointless picture that doesn't help the story to move forward... but... I think my phone is so cool that I keep taking pictures of myself with it, though I didn't really take this specific one as you can tell... But anyways, so I ended up getting down on my left knee and asking Luci in soberness if she'd marry me... done! For some reason my phone camera doesn't photograph her ring very well, maybe cuz the blingness level is too high that it over sparkles the lenses... but here's an ASCII representation of it: (HD1080i)


Pretty cool, huh?! so with that, let me follow that up with that same high-res ASCII business to show you what I told the salesman when he told me how much I'd have to pay for the ring (no refund if she actually kept the ring):


Thank you for reading, and check your imaginary planners where it says April 10.

Rodrigo Silveira ::[I-DO]


  1. Wow it was the best ending for this romance that was already challenging UT standards. Also, the best outcome... bc if she would have said "nop" you would not be happy.... Since she said Y E S, I D O I am thrilled for you guys:) C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S!!!!

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  3. You already know the feeling of content that I am expressing with this words in the nontraditional method of communicating a greeting 'via-comments' of a blog post from hearing the extraordinary news from your engagement. However, if your persona can not comprehend what is that I am inquiring I shall proceed to expand a breve explanation.

    What I am trying to say is, in a very Rodrigo's style (where bird always fry south) is... ready? it is simply: CONGRATULATIONS

    Wouldn't it been easier tho just to have written "I proposed and she said yes"... instead of going over and over ALL around the bush...?

    I guess that was the point... but still.

    Congratulations to both of you!!!

  4. Congratulations, RIGO & LUCI!!! We're excited for you! I was waiting to hear when you'd announce it! Best of luck getting ready for the big day! We look forward to being there!

  5. Parabens, meu! E nao tente escapar, nos todos queremos detalhes. Parabens tb a Lucy, ele estah se juntando a melhor familia do mundo: nohs!!!!

  6. Yea happy birthday!! I mean congratulations guys!