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The Richest Man in Babylon

by Rodrigo Silveira

Finally I have made the time to write some of the insights I gained from reading this nice little book by George Samuel Clason. For a brief explanation about the book and the whole deal behind it (very cool background), checkout the book's wikiness.

Without further ado, here are a few things I'd like to throw out there for you to think about:

Make your job your friend

This is the first point I'd like to talk about. Keep in mind that the ideas here presented are not listed in the order in which they appear in the book, and neither are these all of the profound principles shared by the author. This simple little phrase should be pretty self-explanatory to all who can read those four words. I see people in my office who do nothing but complain, criticize, and condemn their job (little wonder why she can't even land a boyfriend, even though she's nearly 25 years old). Little to no results ever come out of these people, and as the days go by, they appear older, fatter, uglier, meaner, and less desireable to be around. On the other hand, we all know those people who do what they do with all their heart, however little they might be doing. Those people, we see, are always happy and making things around them better. Even if you have to pick up millions of bricks and build a Babylonian wall by hand, do your best, be your best, and have fun while you're at it.

Where there is determination, the way can be found

This principle isn't new to this blog. It's also one that you have heard of a few million times before. But its truth prevails and could potencially be the line you would have to cross in order to step into a better life. Yes, good things do happen to those that wait, but not those who wait in idleness. Waiting for something to happen (with the expectation that it eventually will) means that you keep at it until the Cosmos smile down on you and you find your way. Robert Kiyosaki says that some people say that something can't be done, while others, the real winners, ask themselves, "how can this be done?!" Finding a solution to any situation in your life will only come if you look for it. And without determination, your search will end prematurely and with no results.

Don't ask the brickmaker for advise about jewels
Now, here's some sound advice. In the book, the tale is told that a certain young man learned how much he could earn if only he'd put his money to work for him. In our days we would call that investing. The classic example I've used in my life to illustrate this point is the following question: "If you're sick, do you call a doctor, or do you call the doctor's mom?"

The point being that unless you invest your hard earned money (or some portion of it), you most likely will not achieve high amounts of wealth in your life (provided that you also don't become a very successful athlete, movie star, gangster, politician, win the lottery, or get really lucky in Las Vegas, but don't count on those options). So the way you make wise investments is by asking wise people to help you. But if you ask someone that knows less than you about investing, chances are you will be like the foolish, well-intentioned gentleman spoken of by the Story Teller in the book of Matthew, seventh chapter.

Live on no more than 90% of your income
The example used in the book is this: Every week you're given 10 eggs to sell... you place those 10 eggs in a basket and sell them throughout the week. Then next week you're given 10 more no matter how well you do in selling the previous 10. Now, what would happen if you only sell 9 eggs the first week? Well, you would start the next week with 11 eggs in your basket, you might answer. And answer well you do! So if you keep selling only 9 eggs every week for a few months, eventually your basket will runneth over, like Golliath's assassin concluded several thousand years ago.

So it is with your wallet, bank account, or piggy bank, my friends. If you only spend 9 dollars out of every 10 dollars that you make every two weeks (or however often you may make your money), then eventually your wallet will be flowing over with money that you have earned. I have found that if I remove those 10% out of my checks right as I get my checks, I hardly notice the difference throughout the weeks. I have no problems going about my live with those 10% inside a portfolio, earning me more money. You won't even notice the subtracted amount, so getting by without it shouldn't be a hassle for anybody.

Then there you have it, people. Not too bad, I don't think. Not hard to follow, so go ahead and print out this week's post, read it a few times as you sit and meditate in that room you love so much in your house, and don't email me saying this was way too massively huge. Next week I think I'll post something about a book I'm finishing in the next couple of days, which is The Audacity of Hope, by Mr. Obama. Thanks!

Rodrigo Silveira [::if-you-wanna-be-married-to-a-movie-star-then-take-your-wife-to-acting-school::]

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