Thursday, June 5

A man's reach should exceed his grasp | Chinese Proverbs

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by Rodrigo Silveira

Thanks to this big, fat, hungry, and ambitious fellow, I have decided to say something about those out there who mistake reaching for grasping - power for authority.

I'm not quite talking about bitting more than one can chew, as you might think by looking at a burger almost as big as a big-headed gentleman. What I wanted to reason this week is the pathetic method I have observed some use in an attempt to gain something they think is meaningful.

I had the sad displeasure of meeting a grown man who was once given a humble professional opportunity of little importance to the general public. However, this certain nobody confused his naive mindset with ambition, and set out to obtain generous amounts of control and power within the realm of his placement in society. By using self-pitty as the main road to people's trust, this lonesome individual thought it'd be a realistic endeavor to gain, in his eyes, power, prestige, and prominence by carefully manipulating helpless citizens, and thereby changing their way of seeing themselves, others and their new-found master.

As the situation developed, this idiot ended up getting just what he wanted - attention. As it is said of people such as this moron, "the winner of the rat-race is still a rat." So I take the time to post these words simply to announce to our ridiculous friend who thinks so much of himself, that you are one miserable bastard.

Thank you for reading... PEACE OUT!

Rodrigo Silveira :: [all-haters-must-die]


  1. ouch! so much hate...hahahaha!!!

  2. ouch! so much hate...hahahaha!!!

    SHUT UP! What, you wanna fight, fool! piece of s**t! FU'!

  3. If the blind can't guide the way, why a mentally challenged freak thinks he can teach us how to 'find' the way???