Thursday, June 12

The enemy among the innocent | Short Sayings

Power of Presence

by Rodrigo Silveira

As I have just witnessed one of the greatest come-backs in the history of NBA finals, I have little to say about Brother Nicholson's ignominous power of presence within the round, humid walls of the Staples Center. However, it has been my premonition to bloggificate, as the auguries appear to favourize us, about the phenomena you might know as suspicion.

What a naive concept it is to deposit your trust in someone to watch your back, as the common folk would phrase it. How gullible a philosophy to expect your neighbor to protect you and your secrets, privacy, and confidentiality, at the expense of your own trust. You trust me and I'll trust you, some may reason. Modern wisdom instructs us that the only way three people can keep a secret is if two of them are dead. So too should we adduce that this remaining truth-keeper should be swift in his footsteps, for mysterious eyes most certainingly look at him narrowly. Where meaningful information is concealed, great distress will be inflicted upon those securing such pieces of knowledge.

I remember hearing it from the great defender of good causes, that one should never let their enemy know what he was thinking. Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer. Nevertheless, you must remember that power is all about positioning, not movement. Few things will give you more leverage than conveing doubt upon your opponents. Remember to stay focused in your cause.

Now, it has been brought to my attention that some of our readers, ladies and gentlemen, have a hard time understanding the depth, or even grasping any meaning out of the text read by our co-readers. Therefore let us reason together and adjourn with sound words of soberness and simplicity. Remember: "Don't wish it were easier, wish you were better... Don't ask for less problems, ask for more skills... Don't wish for less challenges, wish for more wisdom."

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  1. When the water is not clear, I just don't drink it.

  2. this blog imparts so much wisdom from its creator and should be used for priesthood/relief society lessons after the Joseph Smith manual... =)