Monday, June 23

Jealousy is a tiger that tears not only its prey but also its own raging heart | Chinese Quotes

Jealousy Proverbs

by Rodrigo Silveira

As a young lad I would often try to imagine life in its perfect state. A state where nothing inconvenient existed. I thought an effective way to create such utopia would consist of the following three steps, in no particular order: 1) Life in Brazil 2) Life in the family unit, and 3) Life without fear. How naive indeed of me.

Now that I have become a grown man and no longer embrace childish things; now that I no longer have my life in Brazil; and most importantly, now that I live a life with theoretically no fear, I can see how our big sister Jungle (the first born from the womb of our Mother Earth) still teaches us those ageless lessons that will carry us on through the lonely wilderness of sorrows that life sometimes disguises itself as.

First, and very sadly, I have come to learn from the laws of the Jungle that as wonderful as any country may be (as the flawed logic of the idea of an ugly country is prevalent in existence), there is but only one true promise land - Zion. Zion is deep down the ground, far below the shallow surface and the reach of the casually curious. The perfect country is that in which you are at the moment. There is only 24 hours in a day, 4 seasons in a year, one sun, one moon, and one, no more, no less, but one heart inside each of us. There are so many limitations to all of us, but we all have the same amount of it all. It's what we do with what we get that sets us apart. That's the different between a good pilot and a great pilot; it's not the plane nor the wind, but the attitude and ability to correct errors in judgment timely.

The same goes to my second requirement, as I thought in my youth, for a perfect world. If all those half-human, half-plastic models wished for lives in family units, rather than plain ol' world peace, the results of their momentary crowing would actually be half beneficial for half a second, which would be twice as much as what it is now. No family is perfect. Life is the great school and therefore you can't be learned unless you live. The concept of living, being alive, is intricably and inseparably connected with time. If you have been living for a great amount of time, great is the experience you have been blessed with. Live, Learn, and Love [Luci].

In conclusion, my dear young readers, let us reason together and see if we can corner the worst and most crippling of all emotions that can ruin our cute, little Utopia. Fear? Nah... There are plenty of fearless people living miserable lives. I have seen myself slay my fears away, decapitating him and crushing his vitals with my bare hands. And yet I can't seem to have conquered the emotional beast that is within the heart. Embarrassment? NAH! No matter how embarrassed you may feel at any given point in time, or how long you may live in embarrassment, the day after the blushes wear out laughter will replace the form of the countenance.

Recently in my tutoring sessions with Miss J., I have learned that there is an even greater monster than fear, embarrassment, or the fear of being embarrassed. This evil is a genetical blend of insecurity, paranoia and selfishness. Her name - Jealousy.

Rodrigo Silveira :: [long-strange-trip]

Thursday, June 12

The enemy among the innocent | Short Sayings

Power of Presence

by Rodrigo Silveira

As I have just witnessed one of the greatest come-backs in the history of NBA finals, I have little to say about Brother Nicholson's ignominous power of presence within the round, humid walls of the Staples Center. However, it has been my premonition to bloggificate, as the auguries appear to favourize us, about the phenomena you might know as suspicion.

What a naive concept it is to deposit your trust in someone to watch your back, as the common folk would phrase it. How gullible a philosophy to expect your neighbor to protect you and your secrets, privacy, and confidentiality, at the expense of your own trust. You trust me and I'll trust you, some may reason. Modern wisdom instructs us that the only way three people can keep a secret is if two of them are dead. So too should we adduce that this remaining truth-keeper should be swift in his footsteps, for mysterious eyes most certainingly look at him narrowly. Where meaningful information is concealed, great distress will be inflicted upon those securing such pieces of knowledge.

I remember hearing it from the great defender of good causes, that one should never let their enemy know what he was thinking. Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer. Nevertheless, you must remember that power is all about positioning, not movement. Few things will give you more leverage than conveing doubt upon your opponents. Remember to stay focused in your cause.

Now, it has been brought to my attention that some of our readers, ladies and gentlemen, have a hard time understanding the depth, or even grasping any meaning out of the text read by our co-readers. Therefore let us reason together and adjourn with sound words of soberness and simplicity. Remember: "Don't wish it were easier, wish you were better... Don't ask for less problems, ask for more skills... Don't wish for less challenges, wish for more wisdom."

Thank you for stopping by once again!

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Thursday, June 5

A man's reach should exceed his grasp | Chinese Proverbs

Inspirational Quotes

by Rodrigo Silveira

Thanks to this big, fat, hungry, and ambitious fellow, I have decided to say something about those out there who mistake reaching for grasping - power for authority.

I'm not quite talking about bitting more than one can chew, as you might think by looking at a burger almost as big as a big-headed gentleman. What I wanted to reason this week is the pathetic method I have observed some use in an attempt to gain something they think is meaningful.

I had the sad displeasure of meeting a grown man who was once given a humble professional opportunity of little importance to the general public. However, this certain nobody confused his naive mindset with ambition, and set out to obtain generous amounts of control and power within the realm of his placement in society. By using self-pitty as the main road to people's trust, this lonesome individual thought it'd be a realistic endeavor to gain, in his eyes, power, prestige, and prominence by carefully manipulating helpless citizens, and thereby changing their way of seeing themselves, others and their new-found master.

As the situation developed, this idiot ended up getting just what he wanted - attention. As it is said of people such as this moron, "the winner of the rat-race is still a rat." So I take the time to post these words simply to announce to our ridiculous friend who thinks so much of himself, that you are one miserable bastard.

Thank you for reading... PEACE OUT!

Rodrigo Silveira :: [all-haters-must-die]