Tuesday, January 1

Introducing: THE MOLE!

Note that this is a roughdraft. The quality is low, I know, done it on purpose... you can tell when it's silent and when someone talks... that will be gone when we add the background music to the video. I'm not sure what song to add, but maybe some bee gees... it'll be subtle, so it won't overpower the voices, but it'll make the voices sound more fluid. also, the timing will be more crisp once we do the video in higher definition. As another note, I've realized that we definitely need to write the dialogue before we start shooting... and we'll need to do a lot more planning of each scene before we shoot it so we have more material to work with, and so we can calculate the length of each scene. this video is 1:50 min but half of it is blank (the blogger did that). so then so far both scenes are only a few minutes long. we'll have to do a better job, i guess, if we want each episode to be 15 minutes... anyway, i'm out... nice job, though, guys, this looks great... i still laugh, so good work on the acting...


  1. We should definitely should do this scenes again... and yes, I agree with you we should have lines and be better prepared... o prepared, period.

  2. agree... you can easily tell dr. gibb's office is right in the middle of mine. looks a bit sloppy and improvised. we need to find a better place to be his office every time we need to shoot there, and somewhere fancy looking. maybe steve's living room where they have that fancy couch or something... how do we want to do the writing? one person writes it, we all write then compare notes and decide together???