Sunday, December 28

In 5 years you will arrive. The question is where | Inspirational Leadership Stories

Planning for the future

by Rodrigo Silveira

Yesterday I went to my step brother's farewell down in Orem... He did a pretty nice job, then hosted a pretty sweet party at his house. While I sat down and argued geography, world history, politics, and a bit of pop culture with a certain fellow third-worlder, I stealthily clothed myself with my observant hat and took a few notes worthy of bloggage. So with Jimmy the Rohnnie preparing the way before us, let us proceed and bloggify to Charles Google's delight...

Of all first, here is my observation first that I made... I noticed that a good measure of how much wisdom one has gained from the great school of life, is how much one treasures his/her own family. The beforementioned soon-to-be missionary showed this to us clearly. During the two hours that his high school buddies were with him, he hung out in the living room where his family was. Then, as soon as the youngn's left, the good fellow disappeared to his room to play what is known today as the "x-box 360." I'm certain that in two years he'll much rather sit around with his mother and sisters and other family peeps than not. "A man searches the world over for what he needs, and returns home to find it."

Point second, I noticed that most people don't change, they become more of what they already are... As I left the church house with my precious angel on my Samsung, I ran into two old friends from way back in the day. They looked the exact same, but only a little worn out from the world. Then this morning, as I labored diligently to provide the rising generation with the greatest online services they can ask for, I saw a familiar face walking down the hall... She did this little flintching thing as if she had remembered something when she saw me. So she walked up to my desk and we started narrowly looking at each other, squinting our eyes as if we were a hundred yards away from one another. Then she shouted, "Tirulipa!" She remembered me, and I then confirmed it that she was indeed another old, old friend from not only a decade ago, but also a century ago, and even from last millenium.

The point, finally... All three of these ladies were the same. The personality was the same, the looks were the same, the attitude was the same. Only a little more expressive and developed, manifesting itself more openly. Yes, the one younger one had been to Harvard for the last few school terms, but still, she was now with her newly married hubby, and was back to the general flow of things.

So here's the drama... Ten years have gone by since I last saw these friends. Where are they in life today? Where am I? Where are you in relation to ten years ago? One thing these friends of mine said to me that I found interesting was that (other than "wow, you look so muscular") I didn't change one bit. And looking at them, neither did they. So what have we taken from the last ten years? If we were to have planned out then what we wanted to be today, would we have said, "I wish to be the same person I am today" ???

With that, where are you going to be in ten years? Who will you become? And most importantly, WHY will you become that person? So there you go... not the best post in my bag of posts, but enough to help to take the mind away from the clock so much... I mean, it's not like I don't know it's only 208 hours, 7 minutes, and a little less than 33 seconds before my life is complete again... So yeah... Cool huh?!

Sunday, December 21

Maybe he's one of the 4 Lamanites | Funny Short Stories

The inner circle is the best support system in the world. Good friends, as the poet said, is a crown to those that have them [prov. 12:4]... Let me thank all those who expressed concern toward my lugubrious self. Writing is such a powerful way of expression (to those who know how to use them, I'm enviously afraid). Words, the poet say, is LIGHT! [psalms 119:105]... Words helps us to see things clearly... Words mixed with emotion is powerful light. Not enough emotion, and you have a boring ward choir... too much emotion, and you have 3:33 am bar singers, depressing messages, overwhelming gloom... As I waited for some episodes of LOST to finish downloading last night, I took some time to throw down some thoughts that have been in my mind and in my heart lately. Perhaps I should have chosen my words better... Perhaps I should not have allowed Lex Luthor's frustration to influence my choice of pathos... But the truth is, audience, that I sometimes feel a bit wasted and worn out. The text suggests we don't beat the air, or fight in vain [1 cor 9:26], and yet, there is occasion where I feel even the air beating me up, almost like a bully, as it were.

However, as the drama of life goes, challenge always comes with opportunities... As the scornful attacked me in the dark, this phrase heard I, and I quote: "He thinks he's so good and mighty, maybe he's one of the four Lamanites." To my offender's misfortune, as the script reminds us, fools mock [Ether 12:26]. My polite correction to this thoughtless mistake broght forth subtle vexetion to them that attempted to harm the heart. 

Therefore, as I can never keep away from my remembrance, it is not only okay, but it is also our, mine, and your duty to waste and wear out our days in the cause for which we stand [D&C 123:13]. With that, all things must come to pass in their time [D&C 64:32]. Though frustration, discouragement, and to a degree helplessnes, may join us in toasting the embrace of the innevitable, I take comfort in, and draw strength from the modern text, which tells us that whenever we work a righteous cause, we are doing the Lord's business indeed. And with that, his words are sure and shall not fail - we will not be left in the dark [D&C 64:29-34]. To conclude, I just want to say that it's okay to allow yourself to cry every once in a while. The little things that come out of one's eye is the source from whence a lot is done inside one's soul. A very large ship is benefited very much by a very small helm in teh tiem of a storm. If you do ALL things that lie in your POWER, you may stand still, with the utmost assurance, that the miracle process will be mindful of you [D&C 123:16-17].

Peace to all, and thanks for listening, thinking, and acting. 

Saturday, December 20

three steps forward, no steps backwards, still in square one

Inspirational Leadership Stories

by Rodrigo Silveira

To be frank with whoever likes reading this thing so much, I really don't feel like writing anymore... writing has become to me like the pillow you look for all night, but when you find it there's no blanket. However, said the ant to the spider, you can't enter into the rest until you are wasted and worn out. There once was a warrior that fought his whole life trying to rescue his sister who had been sold into slavery long before he was born. The fascinating thing about this ancient Japanese fighter was that he was never seen crying. One day his mother found him laying on the ground with his head touching the grass. When he looked up a bit startled, he noticed he had been crying. In answer to his mother's inquiry, the warrior said he had lost his reason to fight; he had lost the purpose he had to live. The story goes on to explain that a few days prior to this incident, the warrior had an accident by himself and ended up blinded... he did something weird trying to develop a system to rescue his sister, and it backfired on him. So then once he had everything figured out, he was badly crippled. So then he was so frustrated and discouraged that he poisoned his own mother that night. He never tried to rescue his sister after that, but instead he went on to hang himself from his feet in a cave near what is known today as the city of Kyoto. The story ends when his sister finds out about it, but what she hears is that his mother poisoned him, causing him to become blind, then she went on to commit suicide. So in the end, the girl runs away and drowns herself in the ocean. 

Saturday, December 13

Before she falls asleep, make her dream come true | Inspiring Story

Promising the World

by Rodrigo Silveira

Some wise man once told me that for a woman, nothing is as important than her wedding. So being a nice guy, I thought I'd plan out something unique, cool, and perhaps memorable for my fiancee. I know this probably cost more than some people thought I'd be able to spend, but the value of the occasion can never be measured in dollars. So after making a few phone calls, and at no small expenses, here's a preview of what we'll have this coming April:

Pretty cool, huh?! All I can say it, I love you, Lu! Have a wonderful Christmas, and a magical new year!

Friday, December 5

Beauty is not in the inside | Hilarious Short Quotes

Funny Short Story

by Rodrigo Silveira

I'm sure you've heard it said that true beauty is in one's inside. To be honest with you, I myself have accepted that, but only because it felt like a way to justify for what I had on the outside, between the top of my head and the bottom of my neck... But I've come to realize that to all of the funny-looking people out there, if you have little or nothing in the outside, the honest reality is that our inside looks fairly disturbing. The inside of a human body is undoubtedly a very unique thing to stare at, but don't be fooled thinking that there is any attraction to be felt by seeing things are they really, really are.

Today I was given the best Christmas present I've ever been given in the last 23 visits of Mr. and Mrs. Santa Claus. This year they came early for reasons revealed to me, and I am very glad they did. My lovely young fiancee took me to Body Worlds here in Salt Lake City, and for a little under an hour we got to see the human body from more points of view than you would believe. For a family-oriented exposition, I was surprised to realize how many pipis were displayed for a mere $20... I did make a note to myself that most of the people looking at the lifeless male organ and giggling were females in their late days. Maybe the reason they thought that was such a humorous and amuzing thing to look at was because they must have felt like pretty soon they would be the ones being displayed inside the glass boxes, and innevitebly some punk stranger would point and laugh like they did.

Anyways, the first thing I saw was a surprisingly large sign that said there were NO PICTURES ALLOWED. And of course, like a nice, obedient South American, I had to throw it down with my Samsung 737 and snap a few shots of the artistic nudity:

Pretty sick, huh?! I didn't think I'd enjoy this expo quite as much as I did. One of the cool things was that there was this subtle, yet deep continuous sound of a heart beating going on in the hidden speakers in there. Then I read this thing by some athlete's heart, saying that the average human heart (adult) is about the size of the individual's fist, and weighs some 10oz. On average, it pumps 3oz of blood through the body each time it beats, which at an average of 70 beats per minute during rest, adds up to 165 billion contractions per a 75 year lifetime. They had a room with 32 barrels that represented 1.2 million gallons of blood, which was a representation of how much blood is pumped through our heart each day. Pretty useful information, specially for those of you out there with a dual personality like Mr. Durten...

So yeah, America, this is it for tonight. I thought I'd post this because I'd wanted to go to Body Worlds for a little while now. All of the bodies in there are real, so that is an extra bonus point to the coolness level of the situation. Then, being there with Luci just made the whole thing a thousand times more exciting, though she didn't care too much about the expo. Then seeing how she sponsored the whole thing and made it into a Christmas gift, I just about started foaming at my mouth at the situation, America. When we got to the main level after the exit, we got to record a video for Body Worlds talking about our experience, and I saw some people practicing for the day they die so their bodies will be ready to become a part of the show:

Peace on earth!

Wednesday, December 3

Gotta Warm up Before you get Hot | Motivational Quotes or Sayings

Saturday Night Soccer

by Rodrigo Silveira

Okay, coach, so here's a picture of my soccer team... We were well on our way to winning the outdoor championship this year for our college league... Last year, around the same time, we had an indoor soccer league, which I thought was a disaster. Our team was really good and we won all of our games by at least 12 points. Only one guy in our team scored more than I did, so I think I was doing pretty well handling myself there. Then I got a red card in one of the games for poor sportsmanship. All I did was shake a few guys a few times, then I busted out a bicycle kick... so I got ejected... weird. Then half way through the first final I got another red card for fighting some punk guy from Spain. So in the final game our team was crippled (we only had 4 guys on the field the whole time) and got outran and whooped... So this year we had a pretty good crew with some new people. We played those same guys from Europe again and and them over. It was a pretty easy game when we played them in the first round. I got a few assists and we dominated most of the game. Then suddenly, with three games to go and we 7 points ahead of the runnerup, there was this situation that snuck up on me unexpectedly. It was one of those frustrations of life that you just have to get used to and let it go. So summarizing a longer story than I care to tell, I quit going to the games and we lost the final game by 7x2. Our good goalie, "Iguita" (Ciro) was also absent that day... but I think I would rather remember our team (with Maracana photoshopped into it) for what we were overall. I had a lot of fun during that season, independently. One of my dreams in life from when I was but a little lad in poverty was to own a pair of white Nike cleats. That season, I played on Nike's kanguroo leather white cleats. That alone was worth it all.

Anyway, the only reason I can think of for posting this was that I'm about to put somethings in order and through it down here in my humble home office, so I thought I'd warm up starting my night with action so I'd get going with my big undertaking. I'll probably end up blogging about my new set up once I finish it. Yes, I will be the first one to admit that some of the ideas found here are based on Michael Scofield (I'll give you a cookie if you actually know what I'm talking about without checking it on Wikipedia), though most of what I visualize has been in the works for a few years (Weatherford)... So yeah, it's good to set goals.

"You cannot change destination overnight, but you can change direction overnight."
"Success is doing ordinary things extraordinarily well."
"The few who do are the envy of the many who don't."
"Time is more valuable than money."
"Discipline is the bridge between goals and accompilshments." -- Jim Rohn

I love to quote this man. He's not the only one to teach self development, but he just says it so beautifully... So yeah, this is me typing my frustrations away. If you look for something positive to say, you'll not only find it, but your sadness just might wither away... or something...

Sunday, November 30

One down, many more to go | Set Goals, Live your Dreams

Achieving one Dream at a Time

by Rodrigo Silveira

So last Friday night [last night] Luci and I "decided" to go to the mountains this morning. I'll spare you the details of our decision-making process, but trust me, Luci took a very meaningful role in the process. Either way, this morning we got in the car and started driving south (birds aren't the only species that fly south, eh?!)
I didn't want to tell Luci where we were going, but I think she realized we were going far away when I filled up the tank ($1.64 gallon at 7/11) and picked up an Energy Shot thing that tasted like pneumonia... Either way, this is where I took her:
For those of you not familiar with the place, this is a part of a national park called the Canyonland National Park, located in south-east Utah (about 300 miles south of my house in Salt Lake). Pretty gorgeous place... When we left at around 9:43am, the weather in SLC was a bit dreadful, as you can see in this picture of some happy windmillies:
Pretty happy windmillies, eh?! Anyways, I had checked online before I left so I knew we'd be encountering some good weather. I also checked my goals list for the day, along with my history data of when I had travelled over 100 minutes south of Provo, and getting pulled over was definitely NOT in my to-do list. So with that, know that I drove pretty slowly and conservatively the whole way to Moab...
Anyways, once we got there, we decided to take some happy pictures with my happy Samsung A737, which you can see right hither thus:
Once we had done thusly, we went over to this place 6018 feet above sea level, and we saw something like the following happy illustration:
Pretty sweet stuff... The rocks we were standing on was about I'd say a good 1000 feet above the main valley below, though the picture makes it seem way, way lower. The mini canyon in the middle of the picture is where the Green River is, though, again, it looked a lot more breath-taking than in the picture. It was about at this very time when I was taking these shots, that I was making a note-to-self in my mind (mental Black Berry in action) to invest in a really nice camera for next time we come out here or go somewhere memorable [bloggable].

But anyways, we hiked a little bit in this little area and realized there was no way to make our way down to the river from where we were (unless Ethan Hunt was around, but the man was nowhere to be found... fool!)... But we had a good time exploring the region:

For some reason seeing Luci mess around a few inches away from the edge of the cliff made me a bit nervous... But then she told me she was a professional with many years of experience climbing up dangerous places before, so I took it easy after that... phu...
Anyways, so we hiked around the different places in the park, though we never made it to the Maze or the Needles..., but we'll definitely be going back... SOON! and with a nice camera... and more food... so stay up, people... Sit tight and ponder about what it is like to sit down one day and write down about 100 places you'd like to visit one day in your life time... I think I even mentioned this on a previous entry... So yeah..., this is a good exercise... write down 10, 100, 1000, whatever, write down as many places you'd like to, dream about, and PLAN on visiting one day... That's what I did, and that's what I'm refering to... anyways, one of the top 10 places I wanted to visit this year (very generalized entry on my list, and later broken down and defined a bit more) was the National Parks in Utah... Canyonlands was top 3... So yeah, I accomplished a goal of mine today (it's actually 2:30am, technically Sunday, and I still need to shower, sleep, if possible, and go get Luci so we can go to church later on... Then I need to celebrate Sao Paulo's 6th national championship... my prediction is they win 2x0 and Gremio wins something like 3x0 or 3x1...) AND I also accomplished a dream! So let me conclude with this amazing picture and Jim Rohn:
"Make a living, but also make a life."

Monday, November 24

And she answered, Yea!

Asking the Right Questions

by Rodrigo Silveira

A wise man once said this, and I quote him: "If you don't want an answer, don't ask a question."
Let me put on my wiseman hat on, covering the wiseman baldness (yes, I said wiseman, look what Propecia and Rogaine will do to us males), and follow that up with this, and I quote [myself]: "If you do want an answer, delay asking the question, and when you finally do ask it, make it really complicated and manipulative."

Done! That's all it took me. Let me walk you through it... Since it's been a while since I last wrote in this thing, I think I'll write a pretty detailed explanation of what I did... no, n
ot really, I won't... and here are my two reasons: 1) it's 12:30 at night, and I need to be at work at 7:30am (to make up for not going to work for the rest of the week - someone has to pay for that Bella diamond), and 2) I still have to watch a special thing I downloaded on Prison Break (Beyond the Ink), where Wentworth Miller and the directors of Prison Break talk about Michael Scofield's tattoos... oooph... what could be better than for a Monday night...?!

So yeah, a picture is worth a few words, right (or so says the so-called "wiseman"): 
So to all of you wiseman, that picture up there is of me (the one on the left, white shirt with the expensive red tie, big muscles, followed up with the sexy facial attractions), followed up with my gorgeous back-at-the-time-the-pictue-was-taken "girlfriend." This took place a few weeks ago in the Capitol Building in Salt Lake City, Utah. We were there, minding our own business... Then I see some kid rolling around trying to show his date he knew how to "breakdance." So I proceeded to flare a few times, followed up by some footwork, followed up with a sweek pike and some hand gestures symbolizing myself telling this kid to... um... well... go home, I guess... So 
yeah, I followed that night up with, um... well..., not much else, I guess, we were pr
etty tired after that...

Anyways, I know this story is supposed to be about the day I proposed to the one girl I looked for all those years... But I thought it was a cool story there when I battled this strange kid and demostrated how cocky I can be... but the flares looked pretty clean, at least from my perspective...

Anyways, so here's a real picture of the rest of the real story:

So I decided to ask her out on a date... As you can see, I had to resort to the green bottle there... it was just to make 
sure there would be no surprises... At least that's what I learned reading my scriptures...

Then I took a picture of it in my car with my phone camera...

Followed that up with this one picture right here on the right:

Well, not really, that picture is from today when I was going to work on my $350 Gucci shirt and Tie combo from Amazon... B
ut I think it's a pretty cool picture because I'm sure some people will believe I wear Gucci's AND that I shop at Amazon... Nice... But anyways, following up with this left-and-right picture combo, I can only say one thing to all of you blog people out 
there in America and to all the children across the world: Check out my next picture... I think I look amazingly extraordinary:

Yes, that is a pointless picture that doesn't help the story to move forward... but... I think my phone is so cool that I keep taking pictures of myself with it, though I didn't really take this specific one as you can tell... But anyways, so I ended up getting down on my left knee and asking Luci in soberness if she'd marry me... done! For some reason my phone camera doesn't photograph her ring very well, maybe cuz the blingness level is too high that it over sparkles the lenses... but here's an ASCII representation of it: (HD1080i)


Pretty cool, huh?! so with that, let me follow that up with that same high-res ASCII business to show you what I told the salesman when he told me how much I'd have to pay for the ring (no refund if she actually kept the ring):


Thank you for reading, and check your imaginary planners where it says April 10.

Rodrigo Silveira ::[I-DO]

Sunday, September 14

Successful People have Successful Habits | Inspiring Quotes

Brian Tracy Inspires People

by Rodrigo Silveira

Wow, looks like someone's been slacking. I find it most amusing to see how my Google Analitycs keeps telling me that the daily visits for this blog has been so consistent for the last several weeks. The weird thing is that I've only posted a couple of times since then, and yet people keep coming back to see what's new. The logs show that about 90% of the visits are returning visitors (the same people), so I'm imagining that people have nothing better to read than what I have to write.

So before I disapoint someone again by not having a new post, let me get back to business. Since my last post I have done the following, as far as the blog is concerned:
  1. Picked up my Princess at the air port and spent more time with her than I have with any other life form. Life-is-good!
  2. Read The Psychology of Success by Brian Tracy (good read)
  3. Read The Luck Factor by Brian Tracy (not as good a read, but pretty nice)
  4. Bought a few new books. I made a goal for myself to built a thousand book library one day. I chose the number 1000 because it sounded like a good start, but after counting the books I already own (every single one of which I love and would not say it's a bad book/not worth owning), I was surprised to realize that I'm already a bit over a tenth of the way there. Most books I own I purchased within the last 15 months.

Anyways, let me post something about Brian Tracy's words. The main thing I wanted to blog about this week was the fact that I got myself an autographed copy of Tom Hopkins' "Low Profile Selling." I really enjoy Tom Hopkins, and I would trully attribute my [humble] success in sales to him. Such a great teacher. I'm honored to own something he personally signed.

Anyways, here's brother Tracy:

"All successful people men and women are big dreamers. They imagine what their future could be, ideal in every respect, and then they work every day toward their distant vision, that goal or purpose. "

"No one lives long enough to learn everything they need to learn starting from scratch. To be successful, we absolutely, positively have to find people who have already paid the price to learn the things that we need to learn to achieve our goals."

And my favorite:

"Successful people are simply those with successful habits."

So yeah, I also read some good ol' C.S. Lewis (The Chronicles of Narvia), but I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one reading this blog to have feasted upon such timeless words. What an impressive ending. WOW! I loved that book!

Okay, so that's all I wanted to say. For some reason the idea of writing my book came back to my mind this week. The main thing I feel could hold my book together is the set of different characters. The main plot, as some of you already heard me mention, would be my perspective of the last 100 years or so, with pretty accurate characters, settings, stories, etc. The main events would happen around the part of life where I am a part of. Nothing extraordinary, I think, but a bunch of different people from different walks of life have told me it'd be worth writing. I'm not the type of person to think much of myself in the sense that I'm the personification of greatness or anything like that. I really don't see myself being ahead of my time in anyway... but still, there have been those who tell me not to underestimate my story. So what the hell... I enjoy writing anyway. Of course, the million dollar question is: "Why did you just say all that?"

The answer: Because the thought of writing was pretty vivid this week. Why? Who knows... But two events took place that would make a good edition to the book. First my brother-from-another-mother moved away. Not anything dramatic or new, but just a good situation to illustrate a point. Or maybe a few good set of life's little lessons. He had so many friends, influenced so many, but yet, once he was gone, a good amount came to light and brought their true identity with them. I found out how some people would really surprise you if you really knew what they thought about you. Anyways, I just miss my Argentine friend, I guess. Obviously he'd make a good addition to my best-seller, but maybe he's not the reason I felt like writing this week. Maybe here's the main motivator:

So I met this girl close to two years ago. At the time things were so upside down that I either saw beyond the mark, or saw things too fuzzy that I couldn't tell what I was looking at. Either way, this young lady was a good, fun person, and we became good friends. I quickly realized how dramatic and attention-thirsty she was. Everything was blown out of proportion with her, and soon she became annoying. We parted ways, though I really thought she was a good friend. Not a lot of time had gone by and she got involved with some pretty dumb people, and developed some silly habits. The worst of which was to come to my work place dressed up like a [insert-vugar-word-to-describe-dirty-women] and try to seduce me and then ask me for money for her new school she wanted to go to. The first time she did this she brought a boy with her and asked for a mere $12,000 dollars for each of them. Several months went by and she emails me saying how much she misses me and how she sincerely wishes we could be together, blah, blah, blah... Anyways, a few more months go by and she calls me saying she's changing her name and moving to New York. The reason for the name change was that someone had been trying to kidnap her or something. I'm good friends with her mom, and I found out she was making up the whole kidnap story, but supposedly her real name was legally changed.

So then this week she emailed me and a bunch of other people (amazingly enough all of us were guys. Not a single girl was in the list of recipients) saying how she had committed suicide. Of course, she emailed us from a different email account, so it looked like someone else had written the email. The name signing the email was her new name, so I personally know she's faking the whole thing. But here's the ironic/funny part: She emailed everyone twice! The first email came from her original email account (with her original real name as the signature), then emailed us all again from a different account. Sounded only a bit suspicious from someone that doens't know her too well. Of course, anyone who has read her emails could also tell that she was the one who wrote this email. Doesn't take a genious to figure out it was her misspelling the words like, "passed on" (pasted on), "passing" (pasing), "decision" (decisen), "quite" (quit)...

Anyways, some people's children... Dear goodness... Somehow I saw her story adding an extra kick to the spice of life to be contained in the book, if it ever gets written, of course... Anyways, I need to wake up early so I can go see my honeybunch and go worship together with her. I'm so in love with this young'n! Good times! Luci has taught me how to take the seconds out of time. She's taught me how to write poetry without a single rhyme. She has shown me what true love is. - Good Night

Saturday, August 23

Lonely Amidst an Ocean of Familiar Faces | Short Inspiring Sayings

Missing Better Half

by Rodrigo Silveira

This week was one of a kind. What would you do if you get inspired to such a high degree that absolutely nothing can stop you? That's what I did, I unstopably worked as productively as I know how, produced all that was expected of me at work, put in some major time into my relationships, balanced my financial life, gave good attention to my physical and spiritual life, and at the end of it all, I found 5 hours to dedicate to helping my brother to fix his deck. Every hour of this past week I had a purpose and things to do and goal to accomplish. The whole week had been designed before it started.

The day the week began, however, I was taken by surprise as a certain event pushed me out of my gravitational order. I had no idea how to act or react, but by instict did I proceed. Turned out my move was wise and effective. Things were put in order and a great weight was lifted off my chest. From that day on I was positioned in such manner as to be able to do my thing and attract the things that I had planned on acquiring this week. Success in absolutely everything I set out to do! The only thing is that something is missing. I feel good, I have abundant results to show, several pages documenting the experiences, valuable lessons learned, insights gained, inspiration to guide me through many other weeks of productivety like this one. However, I have come to realize that my new-found solitude, as healthy as it may have been so far, should not and must not last longer than a few days. Maybe a couple of days is enough to reflect, refocus, make the adjustments necessary, and to enjoy the absence of influences. But soon enough I must get back to what I'm here to do.

Anyhow, I wanted to write today mainly to share an exercise I have been doing from the Jim Rohn Leadership Event (2004). The exercise was taught and assigned by three of four different speakers. This is what it is: You realize that if you can dream something, there's no reasonable reason you should not be able to achieve/become/acquire it. If the WHY is strong enough, the HOW will take care of itself. Remember the 80/20 rule... Anyway, so you take a piece of paper and write down as many things as you can think of that would totally do it for you. What are 10, 50, 100 things you would like to do before you die?! These are not things you wish you could do, but things that you would love to do. Write down the big things, monumental things, daring things, little things, etc. So far my list includes a hundred and twenty three items, but I'm not stopping for another day or so. I have also been keeping a list of things I have already done so I can see how far I have already come. I find it to be a good motivator as you see that you're better than you might give yourself credit for.

Anyways, then once you have a list going, sort it by time. The ones you can do within the year first, then the ones that will take a couple years to accomplish, several years, etc. Just this last Friday I was able to check off a trip I had been wanting to go on for almost an ENTIRE DECADE! I'll be posting pictures of these accomplishments soon, so whoever wishes to try this out can see how it's working out for me. It really works! Gives you more meaning to your life. Also gives you something to do so you can constantly be in a position to produce at all times.

And last of all, I just want to mention how much I love a very significant girl in the sky with diamonds. Being away from her is no fun. Food has lost its taste, time has stopped, music no longer rhymes, the sun no longer illuminates, shines, or radiates... Life is just plain boring without you, Luci... this is what I look like without you by my side =(

Rodrigo Silveira [overcomable-unless-your-soul-already-gone]

Wednesday, August 13

The Richest Blogger in Babylon | Inspirational Books

The Richest Man in Babylon

by Rodrigo Silveira

Finally I have made the time to write some of the insights I gained from reading this nice little book by George Samuel Clason. For a brief explanation about the book and the whole deal behind it (very cool background), checkout the book's wikiness.

Without further ado, here are a few things I'd like to throw out there for you to think about:

Make your job your friend

This is the first point I'd like to talk about. Keep in mind that the ideas here presented are not listed in the order in which they appear in the book, and neither are these all of the profound principles shared by the author. This simple little phrase should be pretty self-explanatory to all who can read those four words. I see people in my office who do nothing but complain, criticize, and condemn their job (little wonder why she can't even land a boyfriend, even though she's nearly 25 years old). Little to no results ever come out of these people, and as the days go by, they appear older, fatter, uglier, meaner, and less desireable to be around. On the other hand, we all know those people who do what they do with all their heart, however little they might be doing. Those people, we see, are always happy and making things around them better. Even if you have to pick up millions of bricks and build a Babylonian wall by hand, do your best, be your best, and have fun while you're at it.

Where there is determination, the way can be found

This principle isn't new to this blog. It's also one that you have heard of a few million times before. But its truth prevails and could potencially be the line you would have to cross in order to step into a better life. Yes, good things do happen to those that wait, but not those who wait in idleness. Waiting for something to happen (with the expectation that it eventually will) means that you keep at it until the Cosmos smile down on you and you find your way. Robert Kiyosaki says that some people say that something can't be done, while others, the real winners, ask themselves, "how can this be done?!" Finding a solution to any situation in your life will only come if you look for it. And without determination, your search will end prematurely and with no results.

Don't ask the brickmaker for advise about jewels
Now, here's some sound advice. In the book, the tale is told that a certain young man learned how much he could earn if only he'd put his money to work for him. In our days we would call that investing. The classic example I've used in my life to illustrate this point is the following question: "If you're sick, do you call a doctor, or do you call the doctor's mom?"

The point being that unless you invest your hard earned money (or some portion of it), you most likely will not achieve high amounts of wealth in your life (provided that you also don't become a very successful athlete, movie star, gangster, politician, win the lottery, or get really lucky in Las Vegas, but don't count on those options). So the way you make wise investments is by asking wise people to help you. But if you ask someone that knows less than you about investing, chances are you will be like the foolish, well-intentioned gentleman spoken of by the Story Teller in the book of Matthew, seventh chapter.

Live on no more than 90% of your income
The example used in the book is this: Every week you're given 10 eggs to sell... you place those 10 eggs in a basket and sell them throughout the week. Then next week you're given 10 more no matter how well you do in selling the previous 10. Now, what would happen if you only sell 9 eggs the first week? Well, you would start the next week with 11 eggs in your basket, you might answer. And answer well you do! So if you keep selling only 9 eggs every week for a few months, eventually your basket will runneth over, like Golliath's assassin concluded several thousand years ago.

So it is with your wallet, bank account, or piggy bank, my friends. If you only spend 9 dollars out of every 10 dollars that you make every two weeks (or however often you may make your money), then eventually your wallet will be flowing over with money that you have earned. I have found that if I remove those 10% out of my checks right as I get my checks, I hardly notice the difference throughout the weeks. I have no problems going about my live with those 10% inside a portfolio, earning me more money. You won't even notice the subtracted amount, so getting by without it shouldn't be a hassle for anybody.

Then there you have it, people. Not too bad, I don't think. Not hard to follow, so go ahead and print out this week's post, read it a few times as you sit and meditate in that room you love so much in your house, and don't email me saying this was way too massively huge. Next week I think I'll post something about a book I'm finishing in the next couple of days, which is The Audacity of Hope, by Mr. Obama. Thanks!

Rodrigo Silveira [::if-you-wanna-be-married-to-a-movie-star-then-take-your-wife-to-acting-school::]

Friday, August 8

Isn't that something ? | Motivational Short Quotes

The Power of Being Motivated

by Rodrigo Silveira

“Isn’t that something?!”
I know, I know… I promised to write about “The Richest Man in Babylon.” However, some things have happened this week that I think will be more meaningful for now. Besides, the facts are still fresh in my mind that if I put it off until next time it probably won’t be as real or something. So here’s what happened: Opportunities mixed with opposition; challenges mixed with stress; bitterness mixed with sweetness; In short, life happened. But only this time there was a very significant one involved in the distress, in the high drama of the events of my days. So seeing the different emotions, the actions and reactions, the different interpretations of each situation, I found it very interesting to see how people are so different and how quick people can change.

Is it possible to win if you can't lose?

What would happen if I walked inside Maracana in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with a Kanguroo leather, hand stitched, Nike soccer ball with me, stopped a few feet from the goal and kicked the ball between the three pipes, all the way to the back polyester net behind it? Would I be considered a world champion? Of course not. Not unless there are 10 other people with me and 11 others against me. Not unless there's 90,000 people on the stands screaming my name, my mother's name, and one other name, an adjetive, doing everything withing their power to stop me from being successful at what I was about down in that field.

So it is in life. Unless the opportunity to fail is there, the ability to win is not real. Unless there's a challenge, an opposition, a reasonable change that things will go wrong, you cannot triumph. You cannot be victorious unless you could become the loser if you didn't do what you did to crown you the champion. However obvious this may seem to some, to others, I have come to realize more fully this week, this is nonsense. That's the reason we see so much complaining all around us. We need to understand that this is the essence of life. There is no wave without wind.

Isn't that something?!

But what about people's reactions to the challenges of life? What do we do when it very directly affects us? Sometimes one's foolish actions or one's distracted reactions can have a very negative impact on us. How do we change that? I guess the only way to change that would be to change ourselves. Some people do things and others do other things. There's a famous story about two twin brothers whose father was an alcoholic. One brother grew up to be just like his father, while the other was a successful business man. When asked how their life turned out the way they did, this is what they both said: because my dad was a drunk! What was an excuse for poor behavior for one brother was also the biggest motivation for the other brother to never end up like his loser father.

Of course, this is a little different than everyday occurances. A few days ago I was about to present something I considered very special to someone I considered even more special. As this thing I was making was almost done, someone told me it was such a tragedy of an idea. After thinking about it for a few millionths of a second, I realized it indeed was a ridiculous idea. The receiver of this, let's say, gift, would probably find it hideous. I could have ignored this advice I had just received and proceeded with what I had originally thought to be the greatest idea ever. This is what I said to myself, however, "Isn't that something?!"

After a slight adjustment in my thinking (and several extra dollars moving from the credit side to the debit side of my books), my idea was presented and I experienced quite literally one of the most memorable days of my life. Had I stressed out about being in the wrong, that day would not have been any different than so many others that no longer fill my collection of good memories.

A few days later, however, a slight missunderstanding between me and this same person caused different emotions to emerge. I left work out of the blue, very worried about something, broke my own record by getting home from work in under 10 minutes (with slight traffic and some detours, even). Something different than what I had expected, visualized in my mind, and hoped for had happened. I could have stressed out again, yelled and cussed at this other person (just like it happened to me), but again, the words fell from my [juicy and sexy] lips: Isn't that something?! Then I moved on.

So here's the moral of the story: What's the difference between a good pilot and a regular pilot? The good pilot recognizes his mistakes and fixes them promptly.

Don't think I'm suggesting that I'm a pilot at all. Don't mistake what I say and do for who I claim to be. This is truth coming from an imperfect man, but the verity of the matter remains. Don't waste your time and energy with that which mattereth not, and which moth and dust will corrupt. Let things go and don't try to fix everything and everyone if the problem is a minor one. Learn the difference between majors and minors.

As Denis Waitley mentions in his book Seeds of Greatness, one of the seven C's we can control in our lives (there's not a whole lot of things we have control over in this life, actually) is our Concerns. The next one is our Causes, but I don't want to get too much into the C's right now, because I would like to talk about his book after I keep my promise so people don't write me hatemail.

So yeah, I'm running off to California in less than 7 minutes, so I'll just wrap it up right here. Thanks for reading again!

Rodrigo Silveira [isn't-she-lovely]

Tuesday, July 29

The only thing wiser than saying very little is saying nothing at all | Wise Quotes

Daily Inspirational Quotes

by Rodrigo Silveira

Thank you once again for checking out my little blog. Looks like it has indeed been over 430 hours since I last posted something. According my my google analytics there has been a steady number of people from 3 continents and seven countries checking up daily to see what else I have to say. But the truth was that I didn't really have anything to post that other people hadn't posted already elsewhere. So now I have decided to move away from the ancient proverb business, and continue to stay far, far and away from the average "this-is-how-my-day-went-with-my-dog-yesterday" that you read about in 90% of the blogs out there (ps. that number was made up, based on an educated guess worth realing upon).

After thinking, pondering, reflecting, and meditating on what I could do to make this blog useful, entertaining, unique, fresh, and helpful to myself and to others, I have come to the conclusion that maybe I could post the little things I write on my journal throughout the week. What I like to write on my precious journals are things I learn on my day to day life. Some people call it the 3 L's, or Life's Little Lessons. You may not realize it or believe it, but I have a goal that I set for myself a while back, which I'm very religious about keeping and have been very successful with it, and that is to read one book every 10 days or so. I'm not a fast reader at all, so it takes me a while to get through most books, but I do finish a good 2 and a half books every month. And that is one of the great sources of wisdom, inspiration, motivation, and learning for me.

So with all that being said, that's what you should be expecting from this blog from now on. I'll try to post at least every 10 days or so. I'll try to keep up with a weekly schedule, but don't get discouraged if you don't see a new post after a week. I promise to have a new, brief and meaningful (and easy to understand) post no more than 10 days after the latest one.

And before this post gets to be a useless beast on its own, let me go ahead and post some things that have been on my mind since a few months ago, since the day I watched a play with the soon-to-be newest member of the ANT (not aunt) family. (we watched a magnificent play called "The Curious Savage")

  • "He can't play but does, and I can play but won't"

This is one of the lines from the play. One of the characters would always play a trumpet like he knew how, but it sounded horrible (most characters from this play are mentally insane). Then this other guy, a very fine and intelligent gentleman, who knew how to play the piano very, very well, wouldn't ever use his gift, tell others about it, or ever share his tallent at all. Who do you think was the wise man and who was the foolish man in this situation?

  • "Freedom is the right to make the wrong choice"

Another powerful quotation from the play. Pretty self-explanatory and needs no penetrating, thought provoking question to stimulate the brain.

So that's probably enough for this week. I know it's only two citations, but should be enough to entertain some thinking in the right direction. One of the books I finished last month was one I will treasure as one of the best in my library. It's called "The Richest Man in Babylon," by George S. Clason (isbn 0-451-20536-7, only a 144 pages, could be read in a few hours by the average reader).

Thanks again for supporting my blog, everybody. Makes me happy to see an unusually high number of visitors every day in a website with so little content, very crude container, and not very well managed and seldomly (up to yesterday) updated.

Rodrigo Silveira :: [frictionless-information-flow]

Friday, July 11

Riding a mule while looking for a horse | Useful Quotes

Paulus com Mulus in Silva Ambulat

by Rodrigo Silveira

Imagine with me, if you would, a book with a best-seller sticker on its cover. Pick up the book on a fresh, dark, rainy day during an unusually hot and sticky never-ending summer. You’re sitting on a very comfortable leather chair, one of those big ones you usually associate with your grandfather’s house and his exquisite taste for weird furniture. You can see your backyard through a big glass door a few feet in front of you, as the rain descends rhythmically and in a controlled pace. The occasional thunder rings in your ears as the deep bass of a lively surround system, almost transporting you, as it were, right into the strange tale you are reading about in the book you’re holding.

Now, what happens if you read the first chapter of this book with many actors, and the summary of the whole chapter could be written in the words, “everything is good.” Then, as you approach the end of the second chapter, you realize that in the story you’re reading, everything is still pretty good... Then chapters three, four, five, six, and seven through seventeen also say that everything is just fine. In fact, up to the second to last chapter, you realize that sure enough, things are still going wonderfully. Would you finish reading such a book? I think Brother James answered it best when he suggested that, “the answer is NO!”

We all know someone who is characterized by constant and severe complaining. Others only complain about the difficulties of life. Some hope, dream, and try to change things so that life would be so perfect, that there would be nothing in all the world to cause the most unnoticeable evidence that a minute challenge existed. Now, how boring would that be?! Why would anybody want to read the account of your flawless life in a book?

There’s a narrative of antiquity that informs us that people will fall short of living an extraordinary life when they fail to gain understanding. More specifically the understanding that life will always consist of opportunity mixed with risk, trials and triumphs, setbacks and serenity, pleasure and pain. Once we can understand that, and once we can accept and embrace this reality, only then will we be able to turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones.

The story teller also tells us that there is for every season a reason, and for every kind its time. There is time to glow and a time to shine. A time to avoid and a time to embark. Time to let words be clumsy and a time to rhyme. The key is to balance the clock and never mix the hours. When you laugh, laugh, when you cry, cry, when you work, work, and when you play, play. But never laugh when it’s time to cry, and don’t you ever play at work.

There is a ward in the English language that describes the phenomena known to us as the seasons. The four natural seasons are so amazing that it can help us tie these two concepts together. Go back with me in your mind to a few years ago, however far back you wish to go. If you stop your thoughts to the time when it was winter, slowly jump ahead the clock to the season right after those cold days. What followed? Spring! Ask anybody you want. I promise you this will always be the same so matter where you are or who you are. After the rain, not while it’s raining, but right after the storm is when the birds come out and sing. So it is in our lives. After we’re down, if we wait long enough, we’ll come back up to the top again. The key is to look to the future with anticipation, rather than with apprehension. Don’t get the timing wrong! Winter is not the time to hibernate, it’s time to prepare for the summer. When a challenge comes your way, it’s not time to complain, it’s time to be thankful.

Life is good, ladies and gentleman. Life is not easy, but it’s rewarding. Life doesn’t give us what we need, but rather it gives us what we deserve. I once heard my dear grandmother say that it’s better to have one bird on your hands, than two in the sky. So it is with life. It’s better to ride a mule than walk on your own feet and carry all your load by yourself, but it’s much better to look for that horse while you ride the mule.

Rodrigo Silveira :: [no-monopoly-on-good-ideas]

Monday, June 23

Jealousy is a tiger that tears not only its prey but also its own raging heart | Chinese Quotes

Jealousy Proverbs

by Rodrigo Silveira

As a young lad I would often try to imagine life in its perfect state. A state where nothing inconvenient existed. I thought an effective way to create such utopia would consist of the following three steps, in no particular order: 1) Life in Brazil 2) Life in the family unit, and 3) Life without fear. How naive indeed of me.

Now that I have become a grown man and no longer embrace childish things; now that I no longer have my life in Brazil; and most importantly, now that I live a life with theoretically no fear, I can see how our big sister Jungle (the first born from the womb of our Mother Earth) still teaches us those ageless lessons that will carry us on through the lonely wilderness of sorrows that life sometimes disguises itself as.

First, and very sadly, I have come to learn from the laws of the Jungle that as wonderful as any country may be (as the flawed logic of the idea of an ugly country is prevalent in existence), there is but only one true promise land - Zion. Zion is deep down the ground, far below the shallow surface and the reach of the casually curious. The perfect country is that in which you are at the moment. There is only 24 hours in a day, 4 seasons in a year, one sun, one moon, and one, no more, no less, but one heart inside each of us. There are so many limitations to all of us, but we all have the same amount of it all. It's what we do with what we get that sets us apart. That's the different between a good pilot and a great pilot; it's not the plane nor the wind, but the attitude and ability to correct errors in judgment timely.

The same goes to my second requirement, as I thought in my youth, for a perfect world. If all those half-human, half-plastic models wished for lives in family units, rather than plain ol' world peace, the results of their momentary crowing would actually be half beneficial for half a second, which would be twice as much as what it is now. No family is perfect. Life is the great school and therefore you can't be learned unless you live. The concept of living, being alive, is intricably and inseparably connected with time. If you have been living for a great amount of time, great is the experience you have been blessed with. Live, Learn, and Love [Luci].

In conclusion, my dear young readers, let us reason together and see if we can corner the worst and most crippling of all emotions that can ruin our cute, little Utopia. Fear? Nah... There are plenty of fearless people living miserable lives. I have seen myself slay my fears away, decapitating him and crushing his vitals with my bare hands. And yet I can't seem to have conquered the emotional beast that is within the heart. Embarrassment? NAH! No matter how embarrassed you may feel at any given point in time, or how long you may live in embarrassment, the day after the blushes wear out laughter will replace the form of the countenance.

Recently in my tutoring sessions with Miss J., I have learned that there is an even greater monster than fear, embarrassment, or the fear of being embarrassed. This evil is a genetical blend of insecurity, paranoia and selfishness. Her name - Jealousy.

Rodrigo Silveira :: [long-strange-trip]

Thursday, June 12

The enemy among the innocent | Short Sayings

Power of Presence

by Rodrigo Silveira

As I have just witnessed one of the greatest come-backs in the history of NBA finals, I have little to say about Brother Nicholson's ignominous power of presence within the round, humid walls of the Staples Center. However, it has been my premonition to bloggificate, as the auguries appear to favourize us, about the phenomena you might know as suspicion.

What a naive concept it is to deposit your trust in someone to watch your back, as the common folk would phrase it. How gullible a philosophy to expect your neighbor to protect you and your secrets, privacy, and confidentiality, at the expense of your own trust. You trust me and I'll trust you, some may reason. Modern wisdom instructs us that the only way three people can keep a secret is if two of them are dead. So too should we adduce that this remaining truth-keeper should be swift in his footsteps, for mysterious eyes most certainingly look at him narrowly. Where meaningful information is concealed, great distress will be inflicted upon those securing such pieces of knowledge.

I remember hearing it from the great defender of good causes, that one should never let their enemy know what he was thinking. Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer. Nevertheless, you must remember that power is all about positioning, not movement. Few things will give you more leverage than conveing doubt upon your opponents. Remember to stay focused in your cause.

Now, it has been brought to my attention that some of our readers, ladies and gentlemen, have a hard time understanding the depth, or even grasping any meaning out of the text read by our co-readers. Therefore let us reason together and adjourn with sound words of soberness and simplicity. Remember: "Don't wish it were easier, wish you were better... Don't ask for less problems, ask for more skills... Don't wish for less challenges, wish for more wisdom."

Thank you for stopping by once again!

Rodrigo Silveira :: [please-include-your-gps-coordinates]

Thursday, June 5

A man's reach should exceed his grasp | Chinese Proverbs

Inspirational Quotes

by Rodrigo Silveira

Thanks to this big, fat, hungry, and ambitious fellow, I have decided to say something about those out there who mistake reaching for grasping - power for authority.

I'm not quite talking about bitting more than one can chew, as you might think by looking at a burger almost as big as a big-headed gentleman. What I wanted to reason this week is the pathetic method I have observed some use in an attempt to gain something they think is meaningful.

I had the sad displeasure of meeting a grown man who was once given a humble professional opportunity of little importance to the general public. However, this certain nobody confused his naive mindset with ambition, and set out to obtain generous amounts of control and power within the realm of his placement in society. By using self-pitty as the main road to people's trust, this lonesome individual thought it'd be a realistic endeavor to gain, in his eyes, power, prestige, and prominence by carefully manipulating helpless citizens, and thereby changing their way of seeing themselves, others and their new-found master.

As the situation developed, this idiot ended up getting just what he wanted - attention. As it is said of people such as this moron, "the winner of the rat-race is still a rat." So I take the time to post these words simply to announce to our ridiculous friend who thinks so much of himself, that you are one miserable bastard.

Thank you for reading... PEACE OUT!

Rodrigo Silveira :: [all-haters-must-die]

Saturday, May 31

The Birds Fly South | Short Quotes or Sayings

Free Agency 101

by Rodrigo Silveira

As the ancient Chinese proverb reminds its students, birds usually do fly south. The utterance of olden times suggest to the mind much more than a repeated pattern followed by our feathered friends. Sometimes it seems to the careful or casual observer that a west- or east-ward flight would render better results than a downward exodus. Such logical predictions is precisely what sets us apart from any other animal form in this planet. Human beings are made in the form and likeness of its supreme creator, according to the holy writ. Thus, say the ancient script, like our creator, we humans have the ability to make decisions based on choice and reasoning, and not mere instinct. We can recognize a given situation, analyse it, research it, test it, and learn from it based on results. By the fruits, the text says, we learn whether something is effective, efficient, and beneficial.

Therefore, as we have seen, there is still a very monumental lesson to be learned from the lower forms of existence whose air we share, and whose long chains of protein we enjoy as occasion may permit. That is their to adapt. Even with such complex decision-making systems available to us, there is still times when a poor decision is made, or a good decision is not, simply because of the individual's desire or willingness to adapt to a forthcoming change. With specific reference to two people agreeing to share a tooth brush, I believe that such lessons as our toothless, Archosaur neighbors have taught us, could save many others from amongst us from anxiety, frustration, and premature hairloss, if applied in any decision making situation where choice is involved, along with a healthy telencephalon.

Rodrigo Silveira :: [we're-gonna-need-a-bigger-boat]

Wednesday, May 28

Between the beginning and the end there is always a middle

Rodrigo's First Blog

by Rodrigo Silveira

Today I woke up about an hour earlier than I had previously designed thus to do, and engaged myself in the very act of driving east-ward. Upon my eventual and innevitable arrival at my previously chosen destination, I was brought to the very unfortunate and most distressful realization that the person in whose company I had previously desinged and desired and longed and yearned to be, for whom I had previously designed to come and surprise with a sudden visitation, was not there. She stood me up, ladies. Porca misera!

Notwithstanding my distress and hunger (for I had skipped my breakfast due to a shortage in time soon after my departure from the so-called "sleeping realm"), I then decided to read Ruth's blog, as she had previously designed for me to read. Upon my termination of the examination of her thoughtful writ, I found myself bemused and in a state of bemuse.

After several hours had gone by and the bemusage had worn off, I decided to start blogging like unto her, so that all of the ancient proverbial orations of wisdom that have previously governed my life could be available to the world. So I shall, as ocasion shall permit, post ancient proverbs uttered from lips of unflossed teeth.

Rodrigo Silveira :: [what-has-identity-to-do-with-intent]

Wednesday, January 2

Introducing: Hiroshi Kane

what do you think? the text idea came as I went, doesn't have to be there, could be different. maybe it can just show the name, then we voice over the phone call so it's his boss calling him to a meeting, but when he looks at his watch he says he can't go, so he goes to the carriage...? just a thought.

Tuesday, January 1

Introducing: THE MOLE!

Note that this is a roughdraft. The quality is low, I know, done it on purpose... you can tell when it's silent and when someone talks... that will be gone when we add the background music to the video. I'm not sure what song to add, but maybe some bee gees... it'll be subtle, so it won't overpower the voices, but it'll make the voices sound more fluid. also, the timing will be more crisp once we do the video in higher definition. As another note, I've realized that we definitely need to write the dialogue before we start shooting... and we'll need to do a lot more planning of each scene before we shoot it so we have more material to work with, and so we can calculate the length of each scene. this video is 1:50 min but half of it is blank (the blogger did that). so then so far both scenes are only a few minutes long. we'll have to do a better job, i guess, if we want each episode to be 15 minutes... anyway, i'm out... nice job, though, guys, this looks great... i still laugh, so good work on the acting...

Episode 1 - The Mole


"Most of us look in the mirror each morning, expecting to see something different than the day before.  Some approach the glass in fear and apprehension, while others come forth in faith and anticipation.  Prevalently, most people fail to peek, even if only in curiosity, at what's hidden inside.  Inevitably, such people are greeted by frustration."

 I think Dr. Gibb should be the narrator of the story... Since he's the trully wise one of the three, he should be the one moving the story forward...  Here are some clips of Mohinder's narrations... I think this is what we could go for, so people would listen to it, and be like, WTF is Dr. Gibb talking about?! That would add to the strangness of the series, thus making it uniquely humorous...

What do you guys think?

- Hiroshi Kane