Tuesday, January 1

Episode 1 - The Mole


"Most of us look in the mirror each morning, expecting to see something different than the day before.  Some approach the glass in fear and apprehension, while others come forth in faith and anticipation.  Prevalently, most people fail to peek, even if only in curiosity, at what's hidden inside.  Inevitably, such people are greeted by frustration."

 I think Dr. Gibb should be the narrator of the story... Since he's the trully wise one of the three, he should be the one moving the story forward...  Here are some clips of Mohinder's narrations... I think this is what we could go for, so people would listen to it, and be like, WTF is Dr. Gibb talking about?! That would add to the strangness of the series, thus making it uniquely humorous...

What do you guys think?

- Hiroshi Kane

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